31 Days of Horror 2015: American Horror Story Hotel S05 E04: Devil’s Night


On this season of “American Horror Story,” the show is pushing all the buttons and, I’m not talking elevator buttons. This season is darker than the previous seasons and it’s making us cringe. On last week’s episode, Iris and Alex learned that motherhood can be a real downer. This week, we celebrate the Halloween season with a Soiree. The guest list is quite impressive in a serial sort of way. We don’t dare to be late, dearies.

Check In

The special guests for tonight’s party begin to arrive. As Liz Taylor escorts the first dead serial killer, Richard “Night Stalker” Ramirez to his room, Liz tells him a special treat, compliments of the hotel, await him in the room. Say goodbye to the unfortunate tourists inside the room.


Yes, the hotel has a maid called Hazel, but her story is far from funny. When John investigates a bloody leak in his ceiling, he goes to the upper floor to investigate. Miss Hazel Evers tells John how her little boy, Albert, died. He was one of the victims of the Chicken Coop killer.

Hazel Evers

When John returns to work he has his partner pull up the information of that crime. There is one problem. That crime took place during the early 1920s and Hazel is way older than she appears to be. I actually felt sorry for crazy Miss Evers. It would drive any mother mad to know that a monster had taken her child.


Continuing the theme of a mother’s angst from last week, Alex takes little Holden home only to discover that he’s really not into apple juice or orange juice. He prefers blood and the family pet is handy. Alex is a doctor and yet Holden’s temperature of 75.5 doesn’t set off alarms, or his shunning sunlight? Lennon Henry, who plays Holden, is just too cute to be a blood sucker, but this kid can pull at your heart strings when he tells Alex that he wants his mommy… his other mommy.


Alex brings her son back to the hotel where he scampers quickly to his little glass coffin. The Countess is watching and she offers Alex a chance to share her life with Holden via blood transfer. Alex refuses, but we know she’ll be back and so does the Countess.


I’m a bit disappointed with the little bit of time that Lady Gaga is on the show in tonight’s episode. We do get to enjoy her splendid outfits, but we wait, and wait, for her to belt out a song, which would have taken the edge off the rather dark subject matter and the frightful characters at Mr. March’s dinner party.

Devil’s Night

I love “American Horror Story,” but sometimes, the line between doing a scene because it has shock value, clashes with good taste. The whole dinner scene, which included some of the most frightening and disgusting serial killers in American history, left a bad taste in my mouth.

dinner party AHS

Mr. March’s guests included John Wayne Gacy. This was a man who preyed on young people; teenagers. He would dress as a clown for charity events and became known as the killer clown. Jeffrey Dahmer was also at the dinner party. This was a man who not only killed his victims, but dined on them. On this episode Dahmer got to drill into the skull of an unfortunate man who was kidnapped from either the hotel or from the street. These men were monsters who did not belong on this show or any show. Just saying.

Lily Rabe

Lily Rabe did one hell of a great impersonation of the serial killer known as Aileen Wuornos. Lily’s Wuornos tells John how an abusive childhood at the hands of takers, led her to her life of revenge and murder. There was no excuse for her crime, but at least she has a plausible explanation for her deeds. There is something that Lily Rabe as Wuornos says that blew my mind. Yes, the men she killed were so called decent men with no police records, but on the day they were with her, they weren’t. Does evil attract evil? Was there something about Aileen Wuornos that brought out the hidden monsters in the men she picked up?


For a cop, detective John Lowe is blind to the clues and evidence staring him in the face, dripping down his walls, and sitting across from him at the most horrid of dinner parties. Why he hasn’t moved out of the hotel leads me to think that he might belong there with the rest of the crazies. People never check out of the Hotel Cortez, and yet, there is no big investigation going on with all those missing tourists.


Alex, wanting to be with her child no matter the cost, takes the Countess’s offer to become one of the forever young. The Countess claimed that she saved Holden from neglect. John was too busy checking his phone and placed his son in danger. Funny, that the Countess used John’s cell phone as a sign of neglect because she was right on the button. I see it all the time. Parents are too busy looking at their cell phones while their child stands there craving attention. There are real monsters in this world of ours and, monsters look for any distraction to take from us. Put the phone away!

gacy on ahs

Evan Peters has done a wonderful job of playing the devilish Mr. March in this season of AHS. Evan Peters has grown up before our eyes and, I love how he plays his character as a handsome, debonair and charming killer. Yes, I love Even Peters’ portrayal of Mr. March, but I’ll be skipping any future dinner parties, especially if Gacy is a guest.

See you next week, my little hotel guests. Lock your doors and hide.



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