31 Days of Horror 2015 – American Horror Story: Hotel S05 E03: Mommy


On last week’s episode of “American Horror Story: Hotel,” Evan Peters freaked us out as the frightful Mr. March, the original owner of the Hotel Cortez. But, as we’ve witnessed, nothing at the Cortez stays dead for long. Donovan has been kicked out of the Countess’s bed by another boy toy and, Alex has to cope with Scarlett’s claims that Holden is alive. Join me in tonight’s episode as we sip on the deliciously bloody drinks delivered by Room Service.


Mr. March need not worry about keeping the body count growing at his hotel. Mr. March might be deader than a doorknob, but he has a disciple who is eager to pick up where he left off. Finn Wittrock plays his character, Tristan Duffy, as a classic sociopath, although it’s not that big a change from his Dandy persona of season four’s “Freak Show.”


Just when March was ready to tell Tristan how he could continue the tradition, Will Drake and Claudia appear on the scene. They can’t see Mr. March, but he can see them and he doesn’t want his hotel changed. He tells Tristan to take care of business.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand that there is more to this hotel than meets the eye and Drake is curious about the original blueprints for the hotel that show the secret rooms and the hallways that go nowhere. He’s also curious as to why Tristan’s scar is gone. Drake prefers the company of men more so than women and while Tristan seduces him, Claudia meets a horrid death from the mattress druggie.


This episode focused on a mother’s love, or the lack of said love. Alex (Chloe Sevigny) is upset with Scarlett’s story that Holden is still alive and lives in a glass coffin. The family goes to counseling, but we realize that Alex’s love for Holden surpassed anything she felt for her daughter or husband. Her love for Holden was more like obsession. When the boy vanished, she lost the will to live and tried suicide to end the pain. After Scarlett mentions that Holden smelled like Lavender, Alex heads to the hotel to talk to John.


Iris loves her Donovan just as much as Alex loves Holden, but according to Donovan, Iris (Kathy Bates) was a nightmare of a mother who caused his father to leave and, made him come back from the dead with the help of the countess. Donovan is angry with the Countess for dumping him. He has to fend for himself and doesn’t know where to go. When Iris offers to get them both out of the Cortez and into a place of their own, Donovan’s words are like a sharpened blade that cut to the core. Iris is devastated and goes to Sally for help. Donovan runs into Ramona.

Death by mattress

I’ve never been comfortable about sleepy in hotels, but besides worrying about bed bugs and God only knows what other parasites await me, now I have to worry about crazy people jumping out of the mattress. Gabriel springs out of the mattress to stab Claudia to death. It wasn’t personal.


He thought it was Sally. He collapses in John’s arms and is rushed to the hospital. John goes back to arrest Sally, but there is no way to keep a ghost in handcuffs.

The Countess

It appears that Countess Elizabeth, because she is immortal, grows weary of her lovers after some time has passed. Because her lovers are under her spell, they are lost without her. Donovan, even though he wanted to die, seemed very much in love with the Countess, but now she has a new toy and Donovan is roaming the streets, alone.


Ramona Royale (Angela Bassett) a B-movie star, was moving up in the Hollywood scene. Then the Countess showed up. Just like Donovan, the affair between the Countess and Ramona was hot and steamy… then boredom showed up and, Ramona was out. Ramona did fall in love with and change her new love, Mr. Prophet Moses into a blood sucker, but the Countess has one rule. You are not allowed to love anyone but her and, don’t make your own blood suckers. Ramona wants Donovan to help her get revenge by going after the children, but Donovan isn’t a player anymore.

The Countess prevented Triston from killing Drake, not because the Countess has any love for the multimillionaire, but because she needs his money. The Countess is poor.

Mommy Part 2

The Countess has created a family for herself with the young she has stolen from mothers who loved them. Does the Countess love these pale babes? Maybe, but it’s not a mother’s love that she gives them. What mother condemns a child to a glass coffin and a meal of fresh blood?


Alex has arrived at the hotel to give John his walking papers. The loss of a child usually leads to a marriage dissolving because each parent blames the other for the loss. But this marriage was always doomed because Alex shut out Scarlett and John. She only had enough love for Holden. Alex finds her son at the end of this episode, but I don’t think his loyalty is with his human mother.


Liz played brilliantly by Denis O’Hare gives Donovan some sound advice, “No one will love you like your mother. Matt Bomer gave a strong performance tonight as the prodigal son who realizes that even though Iris wasn’t the best mom, she did love him. Thanks to Sally’s drugs and a plastic bag, Iris is dead, but Donovan intends to change that. At the Hotel Cortez, nothing stays dead, especially revenge.

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