31 Days of Horror – Actor Trading Cards: Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev

Born: January 9, 1989 in Sofia, Bulgaria
Height: 5’7

Did You Know?

Nina Constantinova Dobreva was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and moved to Canada when she was only two years old.

Has competed internationally representing Canada in Aesthetic (Rhythmic) Group Gymnastics.

Nina auditioned for her role in The Perks of Being a Wallflower via Skype (in between takes of Vampire Diaries).


This month I will only be featuring Actors that have horror-related films releasing because, after all, is there really anything else worth talking about in October other than horror?

I often struggle to feature the younger talent in Hollywood because there’s not nearly the amount of fun facts or personal quotes available to include in these posts. However, I felt compelled to feature Nina Dobrev this week because this young actress has the potential to wind up a star on the silver screen. She’s already a household name for her role on Vampire Diaries and her upcoming theatrical release Final Girls has been getting good buzz from early screenings at the likes of the Los Angeles Film Festival and TIFF. Granted, she only has a supporting role in the movie, but it should still prove effective at expanding her ‘brand’ beyond her Vampire Diaries fan club.

Best Known For: The Vampire Diaries (‘Elena Gilbert / Katherine Pierce / Amara’), The Perks of Being a Wallflower (‘Candace’), Degrassi: The Next Generation (‘Mia Jones’)

Breakout Role (according to the masses): Vampire Diaries

Breakout Role (according to Leo Craven): Plead the 5th…
– Fine, I admit, I know her from Vampire Diaries. My wife and I were big True Blood fans and we stumbled upon Vampire Diaries on Netflix. At that time, I did not realize that we were venturing into “Twilight” territory and so I watched the first season. A few episodes into the second season I gave up on it but unfortunately, it was too late. My buddies found out that I had watched it and I had my ‘Man Card’ suspended until I had cleansed my mental pallet with an “Expendables” marathon.

Box Office Status: Rising Star

Next Project to Look Out for: Final Girls (October 9th)

Most Famous Role (‘Elena’, stuck in a love triangle with ‘Stefan’ and ‘Damon’ in Vampire Diaries)…um, NO! Let’s go with the Final Girls Trailer instead:


Won for Favorite TV Drama Actress (People’s Choice Awards) in 2012 for “Vampire Diaries”

Won for TV Female Breakout Star and TV Fantasy/Sci-Fi Actress (Teen Choice Awards) in 2010


Nina Dobrev has been invited on to the Conan O’ Brien show numerous times; here’s a clip of her ‘Showing off her Action Chops’:

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