Your Present Is Past Aways #1 On The Wednesday Run

Past Aways 1Science fiction! What a renaissance it’s enjoying!

Yes, it’s Wednesday – and that means a new sci-fi comic book available at your local comic book shop. Not that anyone’s complaining, mind you. Not when the “sci-fi” in question is based in present day times and it’s from the fertile mind of writer Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT), a favourite of ours on this very site.

So, what happens when you’re trapped in the early twenty-first century – prehistory – and you’ve discovered that the time stream is an absolute mess?

You’ve got to fix the problem. And that’s what the fascinating Past Aways, a brand new monthly series, is all about.

Past Aways #1

Written by: Matt Kindt

Illustrated by: Scott Kolins

Published by: Dark Horse Comics

Internet 1.0 and a primitive world of combustible engines. That’s what our team of protagonists have encountered in the twenty-first century. While you’re texting away (or What’s App’ing) on your cell phone, they’re raising a quizzical eyebrow, seeing museum pieces come to life!

But there’s a lot amiss in the world of Past Aways.

Our futuristic heroes are trapped in our time. But while they’re here, they’ll do their best to save it from the space-time rift that brings dinosaurs and giant robots and all sorts of things-that-should-not-happen to our present day.

If it sounds a wee bit like something Philip K. Dick would write, well, that’s Kindt.

Matt Kindt, whose Mind MGMT series has garnered so many rave reviews over the last three years, has done very well for himself. From acclaimed indie creator to most-wanted mainstream writer, Kindt has recently embedded himself within the Valiant Entertainment universe with Unity and Rai among others. Here, with Past Aways, he teams with artist Scott Kolins and Dark Horse Comics, the publisher that releases Mind MGMT on a monthly basis, for the new science fiction, time travelling, tech-based, “superhero group” series.

You can check out a preview of it right here.

With everything Kindt has done over the course of his career, I trust that this series will be a fascinating romp through action, mystery and sci-fi fun with character at the heart of story.

Don’t wait until tomorrow. Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up Past Aways #1.

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