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Last week’s episode directed by Jennifer Lynch had Facebook and Twitter ablaze with talk about Noah’s (Tyler James Williams) death. It was gruesome for sure, but what did we expect? Ms. Lynch skillfully reminded us that walkers are nasty and humans are dangerous. Is Pete abusing his family? Will Gabe, the Rat, spew more lies? Will Deanna show her true colors when Aiden doesn’t return home? I think I need some of Carol’s cookies. Don’t you?


Sasha is losing her mind; unable to wade through her unresolved grief, I’m wondering when she’ll go bat shit crazy on the town. The signs are there. She’s outside the gate shooting every walker she can find. Can Michonne and Rosita reach Sasha or is she too far gone. What Sasha’s experiencing is heartbreaking and when you’re fighting for your life every waking moment, you can lose your mind. Sasha is a symbol of our young soldiers who return, broken. Post-traumatic stress disorder is real and, it sucks. I’m not sure Sasha can be reeled back in and maybe she shouldn’t.


While our cookie-maker-smell-the-flowers, Carol is cooking up a sympathy casserole and watching a sleeping Judith. Deanna and her family are grieving the loss of Aiden to a Nine Inch Nails CD. Holy Slap Down! I wasn’t expecting Deanna’s snub with her leaving Carol’s casserole on the steps, then burning the sympathy note. She is really pissed off.

Did any of you expect Nicholas to man up and tell the truth? There is something wrong with the people of Alexandria and we’ve been seeing glimpses of this weirdness since Team Rick arrived. They run like rabbits when they’re in trouble and they leave friends behind. How the hell can they do this and call themselves civilized? Deanna admits to Rick that she knows Pete (Corey Brill) is beating Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge), but that’s okay because he’s a surgeon. He doesn’t need his knees to operate, right?


Gabe told Deanna that Satan is walking with Rick and the team. Seth Gilliam does such a great job playing Gabe as a weak man; a despicable man and, a man who has lost his faith. I’ve often wondered how actors deal with a script that portrays them as the bad guy. Did Seth, after getting the role, say to himself, “Shit now everyone is going to hate me?” Don’t worry Seth. We may hate your character, but we love you.


What the hell is going on with Rick? While Carol is keeping cool and invisible, Rick is showing his hand. The people of Alexandria won’t listen to his reasoning if he goes postal on them. Yet, this is exactly what he does in tonight’s episode. He’s a cop. He’s dealt with domestic violence on the job before the apocalypse began. You lock the guy up, but you go in with a posse. I don’t know if there is a judge and jury in Alexandria, but there should be. Was Rick thinking with his head or his heart when he challenged Pete? Jessie, like most women who live with an abuser, tried to explain Pete’s violence. She blamed it on his past. There is no excuse. Domestic violence is wrong, but I didn’t expect Rick to act on this so swiftly. Did you?


With everything that happened tonight, there was still time for love. I’m speaking about a teenager’s first love and raging hormones. Carl and Enid found some close and personal time inside a hallowed tree. Carl is doing way better with his love life than good ole dad.


Our odd couple Aaron (Ross Marquand) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) are searching for new recruits for Alexandria when they come across fresh sliced and diced walkers. They find a woman tied to a tree and it’s a fresh kill. She was left for the walkers. The ‘W” etched into the walkers’ foreheads is a warning of worse things to come, but for now, our little alley cat, Daryl, is free to roam the woods. He’s happy doing what he’s doing and when Daryl is happy, then all the female fans are happy. Are you happy ladies?


I’ll ask this question again. What the hell is going on with Rick? He’s acting the part of feral cat and endangering his team. He had one thing on his mind when he and Pete got into that fight to the death. He was going to eliminate a competitor to Jessie. No one could reason with him. His annunciating every word he spoke with his gun was just plain stupid. Snap out of it Rick! Michonne finally had enough. She probably would have used ice water if there were some around. There wasn’t, so she knocked Rick out cold. Did Carol encourage this fight? Yeah, but she’s been in Jessie’s shoes; been the receiver of a closed fist. Maybe Carol should have handled Pete because, as everyone knows, she’s a hell of a lot scarier than Rick.


I don’t know what’s going to happen to Rick and the others. Maybe Glenn might have to step into the leader role if Rick is thrown out of Alexandria. Next week’s season finale is ninety minutes long. That means there will be a lot of dying going on and, don’t forget, that Sasha’s got a gun and she’s on a mission. See you at the season finale.

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