Bates Motel S02 E05: The Escape Artist



Holy multiple personalities! On episode 4, we see Norman morph into Norma, giving new meaning to ‘mama’s boy’. Caleb, who personally knows crazy when he sees it, took off quick as a rat leaving a sinking ship. Dylan is in a bad place both at home and at work. He doesn’t trust mother anymore and his boss is a nut case who likes to set homes on fire. Sheriff Romero will, most likely, have to kill Zane. Norma has an ally in her fight against the bypass and Norman tells Cody a secret. Will she keep it? Find out after the jump.

Spring is in the air and everyone at the Bates Motel is looking for love. Cody (Paloma Kwiatkowski) is smart and she’s tough. After she picks up a confused Norman, she questions him. “Has this ever happened before?” Good question, Cody and one we all want to know the answer to. But, Norman either doesn’t remember, or he isn’t talking. Cody has her own problems and comes from an abusive home, which explains why she’s not afraid of Norma. When Norma tries to intimidate Cody, it doesn’t work.

Later that day when Norman confides in Cody about his blackouts, she reveals her own secret; a tree house deep in the woods that would make Peter Pan proud. This is where Cody goes when things get too bad at home, and where she and Norman make love for the first time.


Emma is sweet on the boy in cabin 7. Emma is thinking of going all the way with Gunner (Keenan Tracey), but she has questions and asks Norma about the birds and bees. “What’s it like the first time?” Now to tell you the truth, I expected Norma to give some snarky remark and burst Emma’s bubble, but she didn’t. She was helpful and gave great advice. Emma and Gunner finally get it on in Cabin 7. I love Emma and I like this Gunner kid. Let’s hope he treats Emma right. I just wish they weren’t so close to Norman.

Norma is in love too, but with whom? She likes George (Michael Vartan)the hunky brother of Christine, but she befriends Nick Ford with hopes of saving her motel. Nick is rich, has a yacht, but he’s unwilling to fight the town council on the bypass. He does, however,send Norma to visit a biologist who can. Pocket gophers! Yes indeed, an endangered species might be the ticket to saving the Bates Motel.


Due to his home burning down, Sheriff Romero (Nestor Carbonell) is now living at the motel. Norma and Romero are getting to know each other. Will they wind up being friends? Not sure, but at least they seem to tolerate each other. He tells her that Nick Ford is dangerous and to be careful. I’m starting to change my opinion of Sheriff Romero. I’m starting to like the man, especially after he beat up Zane. Everyone is happy on this episode, everyone that is, except Norma’s oldest son.

Dylan is alone, scared, and stuck in the career from hell. Zane’s wild ways are endangering his men. Zane has made enemies with a rival drug cartel. Everything about White Pine Bay smells of drug money and people can be killed with one phone call. Dylan is injured in a gun fight on the street and the man responsible for wanting the bypass has died in a mysterious car crash. Dylan meets the big boss; Zane’s sister. Things just got worse for Dylan.


Norma wants to live a normal life, but she’s picked a dangerous place to do so. She wants to save her motel, but she’s dealing with killers. Norman is already damaged and there is no hope for him, but Dylan has a chance to get away and start a new life in spite of his genetic Molotov cocktail. Let’s hope he does.

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