Resurrection S01 E02: Unearth


I always give a new show a chance because sometimes the show just needs a few episodes for us to realize how great it is. I’m not so sure with Resurrection and wasn’t too impressed with episode one. I want to like this show. I really do, but I feel like I’ve fallen through a wormhole and landed into the Connecticut neighborhood of Stepford. How bad was it? Find out after the jump.


Agent Bellamy (Omar Epps) and Dr. Maggie Langston (Devin Kelly) question another back from the dead arrival, Caleb Richards (Sam Hazeldine). “What do you remember,” they ask him. But if they were expecting some clue as to why the dead are returning, Caleb is not talking. He doesn’t remember dying of a heart attack at his cabin in the woods.


Although Caleb’s daughter Elaine (Samaire Armstrong) welcomes dearly departed dad with open arms, Caleb’s son, Ray (Travis Young) smells something rotting in Caleb’s replies to the questions asked. Apparently, Ray is the only one of the siblings with working brain cells. He tells his sister, “That’s not dad.”

Bellamy and Maggie can’t check Caleb’s grave because his body was cremated. Do your homework, people. Under certain conditions, DNA can be extracted. Is Caleb hiding a secret and why does he walk around town with his hoody pulled up and whistling a strange tune? Why is Jacob afraid of him and what’s buried in the ground near Caleb’s cabin in the woods?



Jacob’s mom knows that Jacob (Landon Gimenez) might not be her Jacob and that this boy should not be here, but even though the whole situation is unnatural, Lucille (Frances Fisher) goes with the flow and loves the boy anyway. Not everyone is as open minded as Lucille. The other soccer moms of Arcadia don’t want their little tykes playing with dead things. Bellamy suggests that Lucille lie about Jacob’s identity; he’s a distant relative. Yeah, like that will fool the townsfolk of Arcadia. Speaking of the people of Arcadia, why are they so damn nasty to Bellamy?

Bellamy and Maggie want to exhume Jacob’s body from the tomb and ask Henry’s permission, which he denies. Why wouldn’t he want to know if it’s really Jacob? Luckily, not all the townsfolk are suffering from stupidity and Lucille tells Bellamy to do what needs to be done.


She knows her mother was cheating on dear old dad, Sheriff Langston (Matt Craven), but is her mother’s lover also her real dad? Will she get up the courage to ask him? Maggie’s mom is buried in the same tomb as Jacob, but when she tells her dad of Bellamy’s plans to exhume Jacob’s grave, Sheriff Langston replies, “But, your mother is buried there.” And??? What kind of law man are you? Don’t you want to know the truth? See where I’m going with the Stepford comparison? The plot is cold and emotionless. Maggie does question her mother’s former lover and learns that, contrary to her fears, he’s not her biological dad, but he’s hiding someone at his house. Who is it?

Caleb Part Two

Why did Caleb tell Jacob to lie? Lie about what? Who was the man that Caleb visited and what did Caleb mean when he asked “Is it all gone?” The hammer that Caleb swung at the man’s head prevented us from learning the answer.



I find it quite strange how people stick their heads in the sand and pretend that everything is good to go when it’s not. Why wouldn’t Elaine, Henry, Sheriff Langston or Pastor Tom want to know the truth? Are Jacob and Caleb clones or space aliens, and as a family member wouldn’t you want to know what and who is sleeping under your roof?

Stranger yet is why Caleb still has the jacket that he was cremated in? Maybe Jacob and Caleb are clones, but their clothing? Pastor Tom (Mark Hildreth) telling Lucille to keep Jacob’s identity a secret is priceless… Really? Pastor Tom is faced with multiple resurrections and his first reaction is to cover up the truth? Stepford Connecticut is alive and doing well in Arcadia

When Sheriff Langston blocks Bellamy from opening Jacob’s grave, Bellamy pulls out the big guns via Federal Court. What do Bellamy and Maggie find in the tomb? Hopefully, it’s a better script. See you next week, my little zombie snacks. Maybe we’ll be lucky.

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  1. I’ve watched the first two episodes and am hanging in there…I like the cast and I’m hopeful the ‘mystery’ doesn’t disappoint as it’s revealed;)

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