The Walking Dead S04 E10: Inmates


Who’s that knocking on the door? What a kick ass way to start off the second half of the season.  In episode 9, Rick was badly hurt and Carl was almost a zombie snack trying to make his way without good ole dad. Sometimes, eating pudding gives you a new outlook on life. Michonne’s flashbacks showed us what she’d lost in her previous life, which was plenty. Now we know why she’s so angry. Now that Michonne is reunited with Rick and Carl, what are the other members of Team Prison up to? Let’s find out after the jump.


As Beth and Daryl run for their lives from the never ending stream of walkers, entries from Beth’s journal is heard in the background… just arrived at the prison and Beth has her own bed. Happy days are here to stay. Not! Those days are gone forever and so are the happy thoughts in that journal.

Beth & Daryl

Beth is sure that they are not the only survivors and Daryl is too damn exhausted to give a heck. But it isn’t long before Beth loses her Pollyanna can do spirit. No one ever said the apocalypse would be a breeze and maybe that’s why Beth is burning the pages of her journal. I don’t know about you, but I hate seeing Daryl so morose. It’s outright scary.


Who is that with Tyreese? I see Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino) and Mika (Kyla Kenedy), but who is Tyreese (Chad Coleman) cuddling in his arms? Judith is alive! I can’t believe it. The little ass kicker is alive and kicking, but her cries alert the walkers. How Tyreese survived with three little ones in tow is unbelievable, but he did and he also changes diapers. Ladies, this man is a keeper!


I don’t trust Lizzie. There is a touch of Norman Bates in her. While Tyreese investigates who is screaming in the distance, Lizzie tries to keep Judith from crying by smothering her and to add to the shock value, walkers are coming for the girls.


Maggie, Sasha and Bob Stookey have made it to safety, but where is Glenn and where is the bus? Maggie finds the bus, but it’s not the magic school bus and the only riders on that bus are rambunctious walkers … almost like a school trip with teenagers. Glenn is not on the bus and Maggie thinks he’s dead.



Yes, Glenn is alive, but he’s stuck in the prison and he’s not alone. After fighting his way out of the prison, he finds Tara and learns that Hershel is dead. Tara realizes that she and the others backed the wrong horse when they listened to the Governor, but she wants to help Glenn find Maggie. Hershel may be dead, but his message of hope lives on. Tara and Glenn encounter more walkers and soldiers.

Conclusion and Giant Spoiler Alert

Carol is back! She not only saves the girls from the walkers, but poor little Judith from Lizzie. Carol’s (Melissa McBride) a freaking sight for sore eyes and I’m so happy that she’s back on the team, but she better keep an eye on bunny slicing Lizzie. This is one damaged child and like I said earlier a serial killer in the making.

Carol returns

I didn’t realize that Tyreese didn’t know that Carol was kicked off the team and he still doesn’t know that she killed his true love. How long can she keep this a secret? I hope this doesn’t put a wrinkle in their friendship. Bets anyone? Carol and Tyreese follow the train tracks and come to a new sanctuary called Terminus. Let’s hope it’s not another Woodbury.


We meet three new characters in the show with Michael Cuditz as Sgt. Abraham Ford, Josh McDermitt as Eugene Porter, and Christian Serratos as Rosita. I can’t wait until next week, but we are left with a few questions. Will Carol and Daryl find each other and is that spark still there between them? Will Maggie and Glenn find each other? Is Sgt.Abraham Ford just more trouble for Team Rick? What do you think?

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