31 Days of Horror 2013: The Walking Dead S04 E02: Infected


Holy tweeting pigs! Last week’s episode hit the ground running with Rick and the team surrounded by walkers clamoring to get inside; insistent little buggers! Yes, all is well at the Sunnybrook farm, and with Hershel acting as Zen master of the veggie farm, what could go wrong? Yes, my little zombie snacks, there are even farm animals on site. In fact, Violet the pig has her own Twitter and Facebook account, but… not for long. An uninvited guest may have snuck in with the people from Woodbury; just ask Violet and Patrick (Vincent Martella). Meet you after the jump.


A lover’s moon shines down on the prison and we find someone feeding rats to the walkers. Who could it be? Tyreese is crooning a little love song to Karen while our Harry Potter look-a-like, Patrick, is busy feeding on his fellow cell mates of Cell Block D.

We’re getting to see more scenes with Rick bonding with his children, Judith the little ass kicker and Carl. But, when Carl asks for the return of his gun; dad says no. Rick, you’re in the middle of an apocalypse. Give the kid his gun.

When the alarm is sounded in cell block D, everyone comes running, including Michonne who’s attacked by the walkers. Where the hell are all these walkers coming from? You can thank our little Patrick. In his version of a ‘revenge of the nerds’ feeding frenzy, our little Patrick has nibbled on several people; bad, bad, Patrick.

Captain Trips

With a salute to Stephen King and one of the scariest epidemics ever written into a book, our team realizes that some of their dead friends weren’t bitten and that maybe they are facing an epidemic. This threat is swift infecting within hours. Who can we blame? Rick blames the pigs, but with an epidemic, you can never be sure. Could this disease be caused by the decaying walkers? Who knows for sure, but whatever the cause, Rick and the others need to take the necessary precautions.


With a nod to the film Contagion, the slightest cough sends people running for cover, face masks and Clorox. Come to think of it, wasn’t a pig involved in that film, too? Hershel tells Daryl to wear a mask and gloves. There is a new threat that can’t be destroyed it with a gun or katana. Does team prison even have the medication to fight a common cold?

Even wearing a bandana to cover his face, our little apocalyptic stud bunny, Daryl, is still sexy. Have you noticed the wings on the back of his leather vest? This is the first time that I’ve seen them. I guess I was too busy looking at his cutie pie face.


When one of the former townsfolk gets bitten, Carol has to kill him while his two daughters watch. Most of the people killed in this episode were former residents of Woodbury. Carol seems pretty happy accepting the responsibility for the girls, but be careful, Carol; Liz has a walker friend and his name is, Nick. I also noticed a hippie walker. Loved the shirt, dude!

Why is Carol so worried that Carl will rat her out about her combat training the children in her schoolhouse? I would think this type of training would be mandatory. I wasn’t expecting Rick’s reaction when Carl does tell his father. I liked it; just wasn’t expecting it.


Michonne is injured and right now, vulnerable. Because she is the show’s super heroine, it’s a little scary seeing her hurt. Beth and baby Judith stay with Michonne, but when she’s forced to hold the baby, we get a sense that there are secrets Michonne hasn’t shared with anyone. Did she have a child in the pre-apocalypse time? The way she reacted to Judith, I think she did.

Conclusion and Spoiler Alert

In a last minute ditch to save the prison, Rick straps on his guns and he and Daryl take the truck out on a mission. It’s about time. Welcome back, Rick, and goodbye piggy friends. Fight or die, boys. Fight or die. Poor Violet! She won’t be tweeting anymore.

Tyreese goes looking for Karen, his lady love, but finds her charred body instead. Had she turned, and if so, who torched her and the other body? And how can you tell the difference between a walker who was bitten and one who died from a disease? I know, do you?

6 Replies to “31 Days of Horror 2013: The Walking Dead S04 E02: Infected”

  1. I’m really enjoying this season. It’s striking a nice balance and it’s still giving us zombie lovers something to cheer!

    1. I think you’re right on with this. I have a feeling this season is going to be the best. We even got to learn more about Michonne.

    1. I know and with them in this weakened position because of the epidemic, they’re open to outside attack.

  2. I am wondering about the pig blood that splashed on Rick’s face. Is he now infected? What main character will die this season? My money is on Glenn to go. Him or Herschel.

    1. And don’t forget, Daryl licked his fingers before shaking hands with Patrick. It might be the rats that are carrying this baddie. I don’t know who will die this year, but they better keep their hands off Daryl 🙂

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