Trailer Time: The Hangover Part III

VegasThe Hangover 3 junkies, rejoice! The trailer for The Hangover Part III has just been released, and this spring the wolf pack heads back to the strip to wrap up the unhappy trilogy of errors – Vegas-style.

Slotted for release on May 24, 2013, the third and final chapter will see Galifinakis, Helms, Cooper, Jeong and other favourites going hard on the hijinks. Also rumoured? Melissa McCarthy – which has me sold.

But here, enjoy the trailer:

I’m a huge fan of sin city; this is why I loved The Hangover. I don’t think I’m alone… the first movie grossed almost $45 million in its opening weekend; this may look dismal compared to The Hangover Part II, which took place in Bangkok and took in over $85 million at its debut. But the Las Vegas antics were always at the heart of the movie’s success, and if the franchise hopes to continue its box office run to the bank, it’s wise to bring the wolf pack back to the familiarity of the strip.

No doubt The Hangover Part III will prove one of the bigger summer blockbusters; even if the movie can’t live up to the original, everyone loves a good Hangover story… not to mention another movie-based excuse to go on a Vegas binge of your own!

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