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Mini Comics IncludedIt’s not often you get to reach back in time and touch a part of your childhood. But that’s exactly what Tim Seeley, Steve Seeley, and Michael Moreci want you to rediscover with Mini Comics Included!

Remember when your action figures came with cool comics inside? No? Don’t worry. You can show the next generation how it used to be and get your pulp comic fix!

We asked Michael Moreci, of Hoax Hunters fame, to do a miniterview and tell us what we want to know!

Emily McGuiness: It seems like your project is as much about nostalgia as cool comics. What were your childhood inspirations/stories that fueled this project?

Michael Moreci: I have so many inspirations when it comes to this project. He-Man, to no one’s surprise, is a big one. Also, of course, (Jack) Kirby. The Omega Family is equal parts weird 80s cartoons (like Thundaar) and Kirby Fantastic Four. I can go on and on about Kirby (who can’t?) but what always sticks with me is his incredible blend of imagination and heart. It’s a wonderful–and rare–combination. Kirby always preserved the impact of his stories with families, relationships, and everything that goes with it. No matter what craziness was going on in his worlds, there was always the fundamental dynamics of people, brothers in combat, fathers and sons, you name it. That’s a big part, to me, why people go back to Kirby again and again. The man had a terrific humanity.

That’s really important to me as well, as a storyteller. The human aspect is critical–I can’t stand reading stories that leave me cold.

Getting back on track, the central point of Mini Comics Included is fun, plain and simple. We’re having fun, these are stories we love, and we want readers to have fun as well.

Emily McGuiness: You’re offering an awesome limited edition resin figure with your $50 pledge. About how long does it take to make one of these?

Michael Moreci: I guess we’re going to find out! Steve and Tim have always dabbled in this and have done a number of tests, but it’s about to get real in about 27 days from now. We’ll see!

Emily McGuiness: For a measly $75 more you’re offering full feedback to writers in training. What’s one piece of writing advice you would give away for free?

Michael Moreci: The best thing I tell people, aspiring writers, is to understand, through and through, how stories work. It’s the old watchmaker metaphor–you have to be able to disassemble all the pieces and hold them up to a light, fully understanding their role int he bigger whole. Character, theme, plot, all these parts of the story–you must know them thoroughly, not only in your own work but in the work of others as well. Take a pad and pen, watch a show, read a comic, and write down how all the pieces fit together. Did the theme work on a character together? Did the plot satisfy the character arc? Stuff like that.

Also, when someone asks you what your story is about, describing the plot isn’t what they mean. That’s what happens. What it’s about is totally different. Know that, clearly.

Emily McGuiness: Your $400 pledge level is already gone. Will there be another chance to get in on a Steve Seeley Kitchen Sink painting?

Michael Moreci: Yes, we just added more!

Here’s the appeal from our intrepid creators:

The mini comics offered include a mix of what look like classic stories with a definite tongue-in-cheek edge. There are 6 comics on offer including:

Superbeasts, written by Tim Seeley; art by Clint Hilinski
The Omega Family, written by Michael Moreci & Steve Seeley; art by Paul Tucker
Colt Noble and The Megalords, written by Tim Seeley; art by Clint Hilinski
Prime-8s, written by Michael Moreci & Steve Seeley; art by Brent Schoonover
Dead Star Divas, written by Tim Seeley; art by Sean Dove
Literary Commandos, written by Steve Seeley & Michael Moreci; art by Paul Tucker

I have to claim myself partial to the last one, as I want to see Edgar Allan Poe kick ass as a villain and Mark Twain fight with a bow and arrow while making his trademarked witty remarks. Other great awards include resin figures, paintings and your childhood.

Don’t miss out on supporting this splash from the past. They have an array of great awards and one ticket back to your glory days.

If you have a Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc. etc. campaign you would like us to cover. Please email us at: and we will be sure to put our eyeballs on it!

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