Avengers Assemble: Their History Told In The Gorgeous Ultimate Guide To Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

One of the things I like the most about the summer blockbuster season is all of the cool stuff that ties in with a big movie. I’m specifically talking about books. Sure, there’s McToys for McMovies or Big Gulp Cups featuring your favourite hero or villain (collect ’em all, whydoncha?). But really, my thrill is always the DK books that come out to tie in with the big flicks. Case in point, the publisher’s latest Avengers themed book, The Avengers: The Ultimate Guide To Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! Or, as I’m thinking of it, the Encyclopedia Avengers.

I’ve loved DK books for years now – they seriously understand how to meld pop culture icons and infinitely browsable  books. For people who are new to the world of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, I’d say that The Avengers: The Ultimate Guide…is pretty darn near indispensable. Authors Scott Beatty, Alan Cowsill and Alastair Dougall have done an amazing job of condensing nearly 50 years of history into a 200 page book. They manage to cover all the basis, with character profiles, storyline recaps and focused commentary on pivotal issues in Avengers history. There’s also sections on the romantic tragedies that have plagues the Avengers throughout their storied history, along with a look inside the layout of Avengers Mansion. And finally, there’s also an easy to read Timeline that neatly surmises the entire history of the team in comic books. As for the art – you’ll see work from the likes of Jack Kirby, Sal Buscema, George Perez and many others. I’d say it’s a who’s who of talent, but I believe the Distinguished Competition has the market cornered on that particular phrase.

As I said, for new fans I would consider The Avengers: The Ultimate Guide To Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! essential. But for the longtime fan, I think the book is equally worth having. DK just turns our comic book memories into tangible and accessible encyclopedias. Believe me, I know that sounds a bit much, but with all of their books that line my shelves (The Marvel Encyclopedia, Wolverine: Inside The World Of The Living Weapon, to name a few), I find it to be constantly true. There’s a level of love and detail put into these books that make it clear that the writers love their subject matter, and the publisher loves putting these titles out.

Once you’re done basking in the glow of the Avengers on the big screen, be sure to check out The Avengers: The Ultimate Guide To Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! for an incredible look at the team from the very beginning.

You can order The Avengers: The Ultimate Guide To Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! here.

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