Trailer Time: The Dark Knight Rises

While all eyes are on The Avengers this week, a new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises is now online and it looks fantastic. More Bruce, more Bane and a solid taste of what we can expect when the lovely and talented Anne Hathaway steps into the role of Selina Kyle. Check it out after the jump and let us know what you think of the latest trailer for the film that brings Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy to a close.

8 Replies to “Trailer Time: The Dark Knight Rises”

  1. This trailer looks fantastic! Mark my words: this film, and the role she portrays, is gonna make Anne Hathaway. I’m loving her line deliveries here. Can’t wait to see her entire scenes!

    1. I’m pretty sure Anne Hathaway is already made. But she’ll be great, I’m sure.

      1. Made, schmade.

        What I’m saying is that her work on this film is going to put her on a different plateau entirely: no longer the “teen choice” actress, but as an actor’s actor! Really looking forward to her turn in Les Miserables later this year!

      2. I think Brokeback Mountain put her in a different plateau.

  2. Then there’s that Oscar nomination for Rachel Getting Married.

    1. You haven’t even seen those movies.

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