Win A Copy Of The Avengers Soundtrack!

The Avengers comes out this week and to celebrate, we’ve got FIVE (5) copies of the movie soundtrack to giveaway, courtesy of our friends at Universal Music! Featuring artists like Soundgarden, Bush and Theory Of A Deadman, the soundtrack is sure to get you pumped for one of the most anticipated releases of the year – which has ALREADY sold $178.4 million in tickets overseas! Details on how you can win after the jump.

For Day 1, we say farewell to our April theme of Titanic Teams, partially dedicated to The Avengers release. Tell us which TWO Avengers make the BEST team for your chance to win the first copy of the movie soundtrack! We’ll also give away 4 more copies, one each day this week, so check back for more chances to win!

How to enter the Avengers  CD Soundtrack DAY #1 Giveaway:

1) We’ll make it easy on you today; post a comment below telling us which 2 Avengers make the best team and WHY you like them the best (must use valid email when commenting).

2) Bonus entry: Tweet us @BiffBamPop with your Avengers team (you must be following @BiffBamPop on Twitter).

Winner Selection:
One winner will be selected from all entries received by May 1st, 2012 at 6:59 AM EST.
The winner will be announced May 1st, 2012 right here at Biff Bam Pop!

9 Replies to “Win A Copy Of The Avengers Soundtrack!”

  1. The hulk and Iron Man because they are both very intelligent without the powers and when they suit up or hulk out they are probably two of the most powerful. I will have my prize now 😀

  2. Captain America and Iron Man, because each is strong where the other is weak: one is from the future, the other the best of the past. Stark has an Iron Suit, Cap has an Iron Will. Two is too small a number, of course.

  3. Iron Man and Captain America make the best team. With Iron Man’s brains and wealth and Captain America’s strength and altruism, they can’t go wrong.

  4. Thor and Iron Man I think make the best team. Mostly because they would be fun to watch together because they would both rush in and take care of business and then ask questions later. Growing up I always thought Thor was super cool too, and the Iron Man movies have made me a big fan of that character.

  5. I’m voting for Iron Man and Thor. Iron Man represents the technology of today’s generation and future generations to come. Thor represents the power and discipline of ancient times. With the joining of past and present, you have a win-win situatioin.

      1. Hey everybody can enter again – it’s only day two!

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