You Think You Know Him? Find Out More With Edge’s New DVD And A Trip To Wizard World Toronto

This weekend is a big one for Biff Bam Pop! We’ll be heading to Wizard World Comic Con at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, where we’ll be hosting a Q & A with WWE Hall of Famer Edge. It’s especially great because Toronto is Edge’s hometown, so we’re expecting a pretty amazing show of support from all of his Edgeheads.

One of the main ways I’ve been getting primed for the event was by watching You Think You Know Me? The Story Of Edge, a 3 DVD set that was released this past week. For sports entertainment fans, you know WWE does a great job of putting their collections together, and this one is no exception. It traces the story of Adam Copeland from a kid raised by his mother in Orangeville, just outside of Toronto, through his wrestling training to making it to the big time – WWE. Along the way, Adam/Edge talks about his time working with his best friend Christian, his neck injury that took him out of action for a year, to his run as a multi-time WWE and World Heavyweight champion. Edge doesn’t mince words throughout the DVD, as he reveals how he dealt with a lack of support from certain WWE executives as he tried to hit the top.

Throughout the DVD, we hear from longtime Edge supporters and in-ring rivals like Christian, Lita (Amy Dumas), Rhyno and John Cena. It’s nice to see a lot of my former radio colleagues in the DVD as well (680 News’ Rudy Blair, Dead and Todd from 102.1 the Edge), as there’s some great behind the scenes footage of Edge returning to Toronto last fall. But it’s really an introspective Edge, who had to retire in 2011 or risk permanent injury, that makes You Think You Know Me? essential viewing for sports entertainment fans. Unlike his loud and brash character on television, the Adam Copeland that’s interviewed here is soft-spoken yet revealing as he takes us on a tour of his stellar career.

If you can’t make it out this Saturday to see Edge at Wizard World Toronto, definitely go pick up You Think You Know Me? It’s a revealing look into one of the great sports entertainers of the last 20 years.

Purchase You Think You Know Me? The Story of Edge right here. Tickets to Wizard World Toronto are available here.

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  1. I agree with you, WWE does an excellent job of putting their DVD collections together. I am looking forward to watching “You Think You Know Me? The Story of EDGE,” DVD.

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