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I’ve loved playing Pictionary since I was a kid/teenager, and I still do. Now, thanks to the new game Draw Something!, I can play it anywhere I go!

The pocket Pictionary game has taken the mobile gaming world by storm, and has amassed a huge number of users very quickly. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, the game allows you to start a game between friends or randoms, and go back and forth drawing and guessing each others artistry. The beauty is that there is some awesome art being created (as well as some not-so-great art!), and the ease of use really makes the game accessible to everyone. You can play games instantly.

Draw Something!, however, does have some flaws. Often when a word is too difficult, you’ll see people simply writing the word on screen so that they continue to win and get coins for the in-game store. The game also gives you a limited amout of letters for every guess, making it much easier to guess what someone is drawing. It also allows you to “bomb” letters out to narrow down your choices, usually leaving you with ONLY the letters in the actual word, effectively reducing the game down to a simple word jumble. You can swap words as well if you don’t see one that you can easily draw (watching people try and draw something they don’t know how to is what makes Pictionary interesting IMO!). All of these ‘helpers’ cost in-game coins to restock, and as you only win 1-3 coins per correct guess, they gather slowly. You start with only a few basic colors, and need to unlock more colors starting at 250 coins. Outrageous! Try drawing an orange with only the colors black, red and yellow and blue available to you! To gain coins faster, you cab start a HUGE number of games, and it can quickly spiral out of control (I’ve got about 25 games going on right now), and you end up trying to get through puzzles to get coins, losing the fun aspect for a ‘get more money for colors!’ aspect. There is only a finite number of words included as well, and users end up drawing and guessing the same word more and more often.

Some of the drawings are incredible!
Some of the drawings are incredible!

For all of these reasons, I suspect, the game is apparently struggling to keep players interested. It was recently purchased by Zynga (surprise, surprise), for a whopping $180 million, but is already steadily losing users. The Draw Something! developers however, have stated that they will implement a few new options and add-ons that they hope will peak players interests and perhaps renew their love affair with the game.

According to, “Draw Something claims to have new features on the way, which might re-ignite some interest in the game, including the ability to save and share drawings, and UNDO button and new words, but will it be enough to pull back all the users who have already abandoned ship?”

Only time will tell, but right now I’m still interested, and hopefully they can implement fixes for some of these issues and make Draw Something! a truly successful app, and give it the staying power that an app of its caliber deserves.

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