Titanic Teams: Todd and the Book Of Pure Evil Tackles…Well, Evil

When it comes to taking on the supernatural, I’d hate to go it alone. Dealing with all sorts of demons and ghouls and magical things that turn unsuspecting folks into deadly killers – I’d definitely want back-up. And so do so many of the titanic television teams that have played tough against the things in the darkness. Throughout April we’ll look at many of them, including one made up of pot smoking, potty mouthed teenagers looking to get laid and kick a little evil ass.

Meet Todd and his gang

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil is a Canadian comedy/horror half hour series that’s been running for two seasons (the second of which is out today on DVD) and been rapidly gaining a solid following. Think a less emotional Buffy with a lot more drug references and where everybody is a potty mouth. Now I’m simplifying things a bit, but when your have Jason Mewes (aka Jay of Jay and Silent Bob fame) playing the high school janitor, you’ve got to expect there’s a whole lot of dirtiness going on.

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil takes place in a town built by Satanists who covet the Book of Pure Evil (surprise!) – consider this the Necronomicon by any other name. In the meantime, the students of Crowley High (yes, great name) often wide up utilizing the Book for accidental evil which leads to comedic results. Oh, and the high school guidance counsellor is one of the big bands. Why is it always the guidance counsellor?

The team in Todd…consists of the title character, a rocker desperate for the affections of hot girl Jenny; his slightly metallic best friend Curtis (I’m not spoiling anything about that) and his eventual main squeeze, Hannah. The four have a solid dynamic, which makes their antics in attempting to destroy the Book of Pure Evil highly entertaining.

While I’m just in the midst of catching up with the show at the moment (I’ve just started in on Season 2), it’s clear that Todd and the Book of Pure Evil is mining that Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Scooby-Doo notion that if you’re going to fight evil, do it with a team beside you. And with all sorts of in-jokes for the geek and horror loving folks out there (that would be you, I’m assuming), it’s pretty much a given you’re going to dig this series.

You can order Todd and the Book of Pure Evil Seasons 1 and 2 right here.

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