Mat Langford’s Gaming World: Gaming made your eyes tired? Gunnar’s will keep you going.

Now I’m not one to shamelessly promote an product. I really have to believe in something to recommend it to friends. When it comes to gaming and gaming gadgets, I really like to show people products that really work, especially if I’m currently using them!

One of the side effects of a marathon gaming session is the dry eyes that you get from staring at a screen for hours upon hours at a time. When I was on tour with AMP Energy, it wasn’t unusual for us to be looking at television sets for hours at a time without a break for (sometimes) up to 15 hours a day. When your eyes get tired, you lose that focus, the edge that keeps you above your competition. You need something that keeps you in the zone by keeping your eyes comfortable.

Gunnar Optiks “Groove”

Touring with pro gamers has its advantages: You get better at pretty much every game you play through learning from them, and you get to know what the best gaming gear is. It was through a friend of mine that I was introduced to Gunnar Digital Performance Eyewear. I now own my own pair (they were given to me during Fan Expo ’08 in Toronto). I would have initially been pretty skeptical about the effectiveness of “gaming glasses”, but because of the recommendation that I had recieved, I had to try them out.

They actually worked, and for a number of reasons. First of all, they keep your eyes moist, negating the effects of a long gaming session. The yellow tinted lenses filter out the harsh artificial light that most televisions and monitors give off, which in turn helps you see better, and reduces the stress on your eyes over long periods of time. They fit like normal glasses, but have a hip look to them. The bonus is that they magnify the screen slightly, giving you increased detail as well as making the things on your screen clearer and more defined.

They’ve even got a new COD:MW3 themed pair now as well!

As a web designer/gaming junkie, I practically spend my life in front of screens, and I have used these glasses to the fullest. I can honestly say that they really do make your whole computer/TV experience better, albiet for a slight yellowish tint (which goes away after you’re used to it). If I’m doing something that is really color sensitive, I won’t wear them, but for everything else, they are a great addition to my digital toolbox.

The only downside is the price. They cost around US$100 for a pair. But, on the plus side, they also come in prescription lenses, so even if you wear glasses, you can replace them with these when you’re going to be in front of the screen for any length of time. They’re useful, and can save your eyes in the long run!

if you’ve used them in the past, or are thinking of trying them out, let us know!

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