Favorite and Least Favorite Modern Warfare 3 Maps Highlight Mat Langford’s Gaming World

I’ve been playing a ton of Modern Warfare 3 lately. The multiplayer is probably the best yet in the series. Things are smooth, the weapons are great and the whole experience is very refined. One of the most important parts of online competition is knowing your maps. I’m really impressed by some of the maps in Modern Warfare 3, while others left me sorely disappointed. Here’s a rundown of my favorite (and least favorite) maps.



Easily one of my favorites because of the layout. There are plenty of corners to hide around, many different places to camp (if that’s your thing) and snipe and multiple levels of elevation that give you a multitude of ways to get the drop on your enemies. The subway cars add an extra bit of chaos as you’re trying to fire at the heads of enemies as they run by only to lose them in a blur of metal and seat cushions. There are also lots of windows in which to pick off unsuspecting foes.


I carry a sniper rifle everywhere. I’ve nearly maxed out every achievement on my Barrett .50 Cal, and it is one of the things that I do really well in these games. So it is no surprise that this level made my list, as it has a few of the best sniper spots in the game. There is a small barracks located on the far side of the map where you can set up camp, and pick off everyone that pokes their head out. You have a great view of the map as well as multiple doorways and windows, and if you’re playing against players that don’t know the map too well, you can get a number of kills very quickly. Set up a nicely placed claymore and get a team member to watch the unprotected entry way and you’ve got yourself a sure-fire snipefest.


Another great level for snipers, and also a bad level if you’re not one. I’ve gunned through this level using my UMP45 or Type95 (if I’m feeling more like a 3-burst kinda guy) and more often than not had my head blown off while running from one point or another. If you’re facing a team that has a decent range shooter and they know where to set up, you could be in for a long and arduous round. Stay low and sprint from cover to cover, and don’t let yourself get into the open space in the middle of the map. It’s just where we want you to be 🙂



This map is HUGE. And while there are lots of places for the enemy to hide and snipe, or shoot you from afar, the map is also littered with many maze like corridors. These are horrible because they really limit your reaction time for enemies approaching from around the corners. Often you rely solely on your mini-map to see if there is anyone coming around (similar to the parking garage mirrors haha). And if someone on your team hasn’t put up a UAV, highlighting enemies on the HUD, then you’re in for a lot of trouble. Especially with an opposing team that knows what they’re doing. Did I mention this map is HUGE?!


I hate this map. Hate, hate, hate. If I could skip it every time I would. Unfortunately that’s not an option, and I end up getting my arse handed to me every time I play it. It’s small for starters. You can’t run 5 feet without someone coming out of nowhere and shooting you. There are tunnels with enemies ALWAYS on the other end. There are staircases that you can’t see over till you’re up them. It is really just a mad dash for the finish. No sense in bringing any long range weapon here…you’re only going to be fighting in close quarters, and usually at a much faster pace than other maps. I just generally would like to see this map disappear. (Or I could just get better at it, but who wants to put that kind of time in? haha)



Dome is one of those maps that you either really love or really hate. If things are going well, you’re flying. I’ve had games where everything goes right on this map. Coming out of the tunnel near the main building you find people blindly running for the main door and pick them off, well thrown grenades can seriously impede a teams progress as they’re trying to run through the base of the dome…But when things aren’t going well you find yourself getting picked off everywhere. Grenaded in the dome, shot in the tunnels, bombed while running for the main door. It’s is a map that I can either love or hate really quickly once I start playing in it.


That’s my rundown of my faves and least faves. If you have your own faves, or disagree with anything I’ve said here, let us know in the comments section!

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  1. I think you’re an idiot for hating village and dome, but appreciate the post anyway.

    1. Actually Zack, the funny thing is, the more I’ve played Dome and Village, the more they’ve grown on me! I would even go as far to say that they are quickly becoming favourites of mine! I think it just took some getting used to them, and working out the little idiosyncrasies of the maps, but I’m definitely enjoying them a LOT more!
      Thanks for the post!

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