The Wednesday Run – March 9, 2011

Every Wednesday, JP makes the after-work run to his local downtown comic book shop. Comics arrive on Wednesdays you see and JP, fearful that the latest issue will sell out, rushes out to purchase his copy. This regular, weekly column will highlight a particularly interesting release, written in short order, of course, because JP has to get his – before someone else does!

Gotham Central Book 4: Corrigan
Written by: Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker
Illustrated By: Steve Lieber, Kano and Stefano Gaudiano
DC Comics

So, Smallville, the television show featuring everyone’s favourite blue t-shirt, red hoodie-wearing superhero, ends this year. What does Warner Brother do? They turn to creator, David E, Kelley, he of Ally McBeal fame, and go to work on a new Wonder Woman series. That television show will feature the famed Amazonian not as a strong, female warrior blazing a trail of equality and love within the human race, but, instead as a washed out, “humming and hawing” version of a super-powered Calista Flockhart, wondering how she’ll manage her fortune 500 company, the regular baddie in town and the blind date she’s got tonight – all in the next sixty minutes.

Ok. Colour me jaded. Still, I’m not expecting good things from DC Comics’ newest character-to-television sensation. (More on that later this month).

What Warner Brothers should have done was look to it’s near perfect police drama series, Gotham Central. Here’s the story about regular cops, fighting the bad guys in the only way they know how – by the book. Well, sometimes. Crime wears a different colour in Gotham City. Hoodlums here wear capes and masks and generally have superpowers. Sure, the city has Batman – but he’s only one guy. He can’t be everywhere and, in fact, in this series, he’s not. Still, the Gotham City Police Department has the means to be everywhere…

These are riveting humanist stories told by brilliant writers Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker. Book 4 tells the story of Jim Corrigan, a cop on the take. For those of us that live and breathe the DC Universe, you already know about Corrigan. For those reading this series for the first time, you’ll be astonished.

This hardcover is also the last of the set. If you haven’t picked up the first three, make your Wednesday run and grab them all – you’re in for literary treat!


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