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Jackass 3 – This film follows the adventures of Johnny Knoxville and friends as they pull pranks on one another and dare each other to grotesque challenges that you’ll either find absolutely hilarious (I fall into this category) or incredibly dumb. Some of the stunts are inspired, like the “Taser Obstacle Course” or the “Saran Wrap Sweat Suit”. It’s definitely not for anyone with a weak stomach and it’s my must own DVD of the week.

The Next Three Days – This film is directed by Paul Haggis and stars Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks and Liam Neeson. Crowe and Banks are a married couple who have their life turned upside down when Banks is arrested and charged with murdering her boss. When she is in prison, Crowe will do anything to set her free, so he enlists the help of Neeson’s character, who is a criminal who has escaped from prison many times in his life. Crowe then begins to put a plan in motion to rescue his wife and get them out of the city and country. The film was a dud in theatres, mainly because it was released when the market was oversaturated with titles, but with the names involved in this film, I’m sure it will find an audience on DVD.

Morning Glory – This film stars Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton and is about the life of a TV morning show and all the drama that goes on behind-the-scenes. McAdams is an executive producer of the TV show, who on her first day on the job fires the male co-host. She goes out and gets Harrison Ford’s character to be the new co-host of the show alongside Diane Keaton’s character. Although the two hosts don’t get along, the show begins to gain some traction. With the increased ratings, McAdams is offered a job at “The Today Show”, but should she move on or continue to work on the show that she helped improve? The film received mixed reviews when it was released, but like The Next Three Days, I think this film will find an audience on DVD because of the talent involved on the film.

Inside Job – This film won Best Documentary at this year’s Academy Awards and is about the financial crisis that hit the U.S. in 2008. The film looks at the financial industry and how people with power were coming up with new ways to circumvent the old rules, which were there in the first place as a safety measure to help stop a financial crisis from happening. Leading up to the crisis, the financial industry was putting pressure on the politicians to get rid of regulating the financial industry. Inside Job even says that while some things have changed since the crisis, the system is still fundamentally the same and we could have another crisis in the future. Politicians, financial experts, writers and academics all have their say on what went wrong, and I’m sure the film will cause the viewer to be extremely outraged about why the financial crisis even happened.

Tales from Earthsea – This animated film is from Goro Miyazaki, who is the son of famed animator Hayao Miyazaki. The film takes elements from the first four books of the series and follows a young prince who kills his father, the king, and goes on the run, where he finds out that life on the run is worse than the life he led as a prince. There’s a lot more to the film then the synopsis above, but with any film that comes from Studio Ghibli, it is always worth checking out for the animation. The English voice cast features Timothy Dalton, Willem Dafoe, Cheech Marin and Mariska Hargitay. I think fans of Hayao Miyazaki will be interested in seeing his son’s work in this film.

Four Lions – This film is about a group of British jihadists who have to deal with their plans falling apart because of their different ideologies. The film is a black comedy that received a very limited release in theatres.


The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season

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