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True Crime Corner: David Berkowitz


When people get called out for doing something that they shouldn’t be doing, sometimes they use the excuse that the devil made them do it. However, one New York serial killer claimed that a dog had something to do with his criminal actions. This week on True Crime Corner, who was the Son of Sam?

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The Ten Percent – Wake Up!


“Ninety percent of everything is crud.” – Theodore Sturgeon

Hello, and welcome to another installment of The Ten Percent! Every two weeks, Ensley F. Guffey and I use this space to take a look at the flip side of Sturgeon’s Law; in other words, the small portion of everything which is not crud. Viewed as a whole, Sturgeon was right –popular culture can be a vast wasteland of bubbling crud – but there is that slim slice of sublime. We’ve used this space to point out the magnificent in genres as diverse as screwball comedy, high-toned drama, quality animation, blood-curdling horror, spectacular science fiction, and more besides. We get to do that because the Ten Percent isn’t limited by genre – these rare gems last because they are high quality productions which demand more of their viewer than simple passive reception.

And not all entries in The Ten Percent need the passage of time to declare their brilliance. The focus on this column is not even a year old yet, but is already a worthy member of The Ten Percent. Creative, sharply written, well-acted, pointed in its satire, and filmed with care, Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq is unlike anything else you’re likely to see.

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Saturday at the Movies: Glenn Walker on Django Unchained

django1We’ve already taken one look at Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained here at Biff Bam Pop!, a few weeks ago by Emily McGuiness, but the flick is still doing well in the theaters, it’s garnered a few Oscar nominations, and folks are still talking about it, so it’s still relevant – why not let that hack Glenn Walker review it? The dirty deed is after the jump.

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