Take The Tour With ‘City Boy #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Over the last several weeks, DC Comics has been regularly premiering three new superhero titles, all of them being six monthly issues in length, that focus on new characters who hail from diverse backgrounds.

Under the banner of We Are Legends, the three distinct comic book miniseries all had characters first appear in the recent Wildstorm 30th Anniversary Special and the Lazarus Planet: Legends Reborn comics. Don’t worry, you don’t have to dig through those titles in order to get up to speed as to where the characters are today. Not at all, in fact. These new comics are meant as introductions to new characters that the publishing company hopes will stick with readers in the years to come – perhaps bringing new, younger readers, into the DC Comics fold.   

Spirit World was the first.

The Vigil was the second. We took a close look at it last week, which can be found right here.

Today sees the third and final near-term installment in the We Are Legends initiative with City Boy #1.

Written by the acclaimed Greg Pak (The Incredible Hulk, World War Hulk, Batman/Superman, John Wick) and illustrated by Minkyu Jung (Nightwing, Ms. Marvel, Star Wars: Dr. Aphra), City Boy is a six-issue miniseries featuring Korean descent teenager and wayward Gotham City citizen, Cameron Kim. Due to scientific experiments conducted upon him in his youth, hinted at in this first issue, Cameron just happens to be able to be able to speak with the city. He knows whatever the city knows, everything, everywhere, all of the time. That includes the city’s history and, most importantly, the city’s truths.

Up to now, Cameron has used that power to survive on the streets and occasionally help the unfortunate. But as he’s gotten older, his powers have grown stronger and stronger. A run in with local organized crime and Intergang, a criminal organization who have business relations with certain otherworldly gods, is just the start of City Boy’s hero’s journey. And his problems.

And let me just say that the first issue ends with a galactic-sized bang in terms of DC villain appearances.

Gotham City might host some strange conversations in his head, but can you imagine the talks that Cameron might have with Metropolis, Bludhaven, Amnesty Bay or Themyscira? And what of City Boy’s revealed powers and the emergence of threatening off-world enemies?

It’s great seeing new, young characters take center stage in their own stories – new stories with new voices for new (or old or lapsed) readers. Take the tour and make the run to your local comic book shop and pick up City Boy #1 today!

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