From the House of Ideas: It’s a New Era for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in “Avengers #1”

It was a heck of a week, which is why my From the House of the Ideas is so freaking late. There were a lot of solid books that came through last week, including an excellent third issue of Predator, and the first issue of a new run of Avengers from writer Jed MacKay.

If you’ve got to pick up one book from the last week, I’d definitely recommend jumping on to the Avengers right away. Alongside artist C.F. Villa, MacKay has crafted a book that, while referencing Jason Aaron’s recently concluded run, is an easily accessible book that introduces a new team and sets things up for what could be a very fun future for the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

JED MACKAY AND STORMBREAKER C.F. VILLA TAKE THE REINS OF EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES! The Star. The Icon. The Witch. The Construct. The God. The Engineer. The King. The world is ever in peril, and a new team of Avengers mobilizes to meet any dangers that dare threaten the planet. But when TERMINUS attacks, a new and insidious danger rears its head: one that the Avengers know all too well, and one that comes to them in the most dangerous of guises – that of a friend.

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