See Dead People…And Hear Their Stories In ‘Ghostlore #1’ On The Wednesday Run

If you missed last Saturday’s weekly Read This Book column on this site, care of voracious comic book fiend and paranormal unbeliever, UncleHighlander, you missed a doozy of a deathly reading recommendation.

Don’t worry if you did miss it. Like much in the hoped-for afterlife, on the internet you get second chances. Here’s the piece. Give the link a click, this column will wait for you right here, no worries.

Now, unlike UncleHighlander, I do believe in ghosts. I haven’t chased them down in haunted locations, nor have I actually seen an eerie apparition, but I’ve got my own first-hand tales of the paranormal and I contend that, for me, not seeing does not equate to not believing in the supernatural afterlife. Or that ghosts themselves don’t have stories of their own to tell.  

And that’s where today’s Wednesday Run column pick starts up, with the main character of the comic book series telling readers that “Believing does not require seeing”. And, of course, a continuation of the love that UncleHighlander shared last Saturday in his column about a new horror series called Ghostlore.

Written by fan favourite and award-winning writer, Cullen Bunn (Harrow Country, The Empty Man, Basilisk, The Sixth Gun) and illustrated by Italian horror fave, Leomacs (Basketful of Heads, Tex, Dylan Dog), Ghostlore is a 12-issue monthly series published by Boom! Studios that weave the tales that the dead tell into more substantial, real-life horrors.

Ghosts have stories to share, you see, and those stories ae weighty, preventing them from moving on in the ethereal plains. After a horrific car crash, disillusioned Pastor, Lucas Agate and his estranged daughter Harmony, are thrust into a world full of the departed, a world they can see – and hear – as the dead recount their terrifying tales of woe to the pair.

Some stories are cries for help, some are confessions, come are even malevolent. And some tales the phantoms orate are very much malicious in intent!

In each Ghostlore issue, Bunn and Leomacs are joined by other guest artists who help to visually define a particular ghosts’ tale as the greater lore of the series itself begins to unfold and harrowingly enthrall readers. If you’ve followed Bunn’s writing before, you’re in for a horrifically wonderful treat here, one full of frights, chills and amazement.

See all the dead people and hear all their horrid stories. Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up Ghostlore #1.

You can catch the short trailer for the Ghostlore series directly below.  

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