Exclusive Preview: “Masters of the Universe: Masterverse #3” from Dark Horse Comics

The new Masters of the Universe series, Masterverse has been a hit with fans (you can see our review of the first issue here), and we’ve got an exclusive look at the third issue below, thanks to our friends at Dark Horse!


Tensions rise as the Sorceress of Grayskull shows Zodac heroes influenced by He-Man from across the multiverse. In an Eternia ravaged by war and left shattered, a Goddess known as Teela must free the Beast Man shaman from a tribe of superstitious barbarians. And when a drunken group of explorers who jokingly call themselves Masters of the Universe run ashore on the Isle of Gray Skulls, they must decide if saving a captured sorceress is as important as procuring loot.


Writer:Tim Seeley
Artist:Eddie Nunez, David Rubín, Claudia Balboni
Colorist:David Rubín, Rico Renzi
Cover Artist:Eddie Nunez

Genre: Science-FictionAction/Adventure
Publication Date:April 12, 2023
Format:FC, 32 pages; Miniseries
UPC:7 61568 01059 6 00311

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