Figure Friday: The Wrestlemania Go-Home Edition

We’re on the Road to Wrestlemania and as is tradition, Mattel has revealed a number of upcoming WWE figures at Wrestlemania Axxess. Let’s take a look at some of the standouts that will be heading our way in the not too distant future.

Ultimate Edition WCW Monday Nitro Entrance Stage

Last year Mattel Creations delivered on the Ultimate Edition New Generation Arena. This year they’re shining a spotlight on WCW in a big way by offering the Monday Nitro Entrance Stage.

H 20.5 inches x W 40 inches x D 20 inches (31 inches with ramp)

Authentically scaled to all WWE Elite and Ultimate Edition figures

Entrance tunnel lit by over 100 LEDs with 6 pre-programmed animated sequences, controlled by remote

Four sets of adjustable can lights for different lighting angles

Entrance tunnel features two authentic Monday Nitro signs

Two premium fabric WCW Monday Nitro banners, authentically scaled and textured WCW letter blocks

Realistic metallic colored grating on stage and ramp

Removable and repositionable entrance ramp

All bonus figures feature 30 points of articulation, additional hands and heads, and entrance gear

Premium packaging themed to WCW and the Monday Night Wars era

@ 5,000 backers Ultimate Edition Rey Mysterio™

@ 7,000 backers Ultimate Edition Diamond Dallas Page™

@ 9,000 backers Ultimate Edition Scott Steiner™

@ 11,000 backers Ultimate Edition Ultimate Warrior®

Early Funding Bonus: 5,000 early backers between March 29 and April 7 Ultimate Edition WCW Nitro Debut Hulk Hogan™

This crowdfund ends on May 5

This is quite the showpiece if you have the real estate. The Monday Nitro set is beautiful. It hits all the right nostalgia notes for me. Mattel did a nice job on the lighting for the New Gen Arena and I’m sure that the lights on the Nitro Stage will be just as impressive. I do wish that they had included the announce desk. There were quite a few memorable moments that took place there and I’d have preferred to see that location included as opposed to another Hogan, Warrior or Rey Mysterio figure. If you’re looking to add the Nitro Entrance Stage to your collection, make sure to take advantage of the Early Funding Bonus and back by April 7 so you don’t miss out on the Hogan figure. Even if you don’t need another Hogan, you should be able to flip it for a couple bucks to help offset the $400 price tag.

WWE Defining Moments 4-Pack (Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Cody Rhodes & Mankind) – Ringside Exclusive

Defining Moments had been on hiatus for a bit, so it was surprising to see Cody Rhodes tweet out a pic this morning of a brand-new Defining Moments figure featuring his torn pec. Defining Moments (as the name implies) captures defining moments from wrestlers careers in figure form. Cody with the torn pec definitely meets the criteria. However, the figure that will be a must have for me is the Mankind. Arguably THE Defining Moment in Mick Foley’s career is his Hell in a Cell match against the Undertaker. If you’re anything like me the mere mention of that match triggers a Pavlovian response of hearing Jim Ross screaming “As God as my witness, he’s broken in half!”. This figure looks absolutely incredible. Mattel’s attention to detail is off the charts here. You get a back full of thumbtacks, an unmasked head with missing teeth (and bloody mouth?), but the chef’s kiss is Foley’s tooth coming out of his nose. If you aren’t aware, after Foley crashed through the cage into the ring, he lost a tooth which ended up in his nose. It’s one of the most iconic images of Foley’s career and Mattel has captured it perfectly. I can’t wait to get this figure!

Ultimate Edition Survivor Series 1990 2-Pack Undertaker & Gobbledy Gooker – Amazon Exclusive

This has been a figure that fans have wanted for a long time. The Gobbledy Gooker showed up in a San Diego Comic Con display years ago and collectors immediately started begging for it to be released. Mattel finally found a way to get the Gooker in the line in the way of an Amazon Exclusive Ultimate Edition 2 Pack. For $75 you get the Gooker and the egg he hatched from as well as the Undertaker in his debut attire including soft goods coat. Both figures also get alternate heads and hands to complete the offering. This set looks extremely photogenic. Fingers crossed we can get it in time for some Thanksgiving figure photography.

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