He-Man Gets the Multiverse Treatment in New Anthology from Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics is at it again with one of my favorite types “ology”s, the anth-ology, this time in the form of Masters of the Universe: Masterverse


Tim Seeley (W)

Eddie Nunez, Sergio Aragonés, Kelley Jones (A)

Dark Horse Comics

Penned by the always excellent Tim Seeley (I’m personally looking forward to the return of Money Shot, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about) with an insane line up of artists, MOTU: Masterverse delivers the He-Man book I never even knew I wanted…until now!

Check out this blurb:

In the depths of Castle Grayskull, the Sorceress and Zodac debate the value of He-Man. To save the life of her champion, the Sorceress must take the Cosmic Enforcer on a tour of the multiverse! 

Obviously, multiverses are so hot right now, unless you’ve been in the comics game for the last half a century-plus. Then, it’s more of an old pal and one that’s consistently fun and entertaining at that. I don’t think that there’s a property out there that couldn’t benefit from a multiversal shot in the arm and Seeley joyfully applies that to MOTU with this introductory issue. 

I grew up on the original He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, was excited and subsequently let down by the live-action movie (where was Orko?!), confused by The New Adventures of He-Man (again, no Orko), and was in college for the 200X series (saw some, liked it). So, I don’t consider myself a mega-fan of the property but I can say that I’ve got a healthy appreciation for it. This anthology is an ideal comic for someone who knows their way around Grayskull but isn’t mired in the lore. Or maybe you ARE mired in the lore and this is going to be the series that finally gives life to one of your favorite bits of He-Man apocrypha!

As is my custom, I go into these books as cold as possible and I was blown away that the book included art from Kelley Jones AND Sergio Aragonés! I had some issues of Groo the Wanderer by Aragonés when it was under Marvel’s Epic imprint way back when and seeing him illustrate a frankly hilarious He-Man story just made perfect sense. 

Also, perfectly suited for a horror themed He-Man story was the inclusion of Kelley Jones. Many of you reading will remember Jones from his amazing Batman covers in the 90’s, The Sandman and, most recently, the excellent Daphne Byrne from DC’s Hill House Comics imprint. The way Jones depicts some of He-Man’s more horrific enemies has to be seen to be fully believed. Not to mention the twist that comes late in the story which I frankly want more of.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: MASTERVERSE #1  is in comic shops THIS WEEK and after having checked out this issue, I’m looking forward to whatever else the Masterverse has in store.

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