Come And Meet ‘The Neighbors #1’ On The Wednesday Run

We’ve all been there or will be there: the occupants of a new home in a new neighborhood, away from everything we once knew and were once accustomed to.

When moving your life and the lives of your family from one home to another, beyond the bones of a perspective house, a helpful real estate agent will showcase good neighborhood parameters like walkability scores, access to transit and good schools that are located nearby.

But let’s face it. What those agents won’t go over with you, what they can’t possibly review is, perhaps, the most important feature of a potential home: your neighbors.

Get good neighbors, friendly neighbors, accommodating neighbors, and the world is your oyster. Life is grand and the family flourishes. But get bad neighbors, conniving neighbors, monstrous neighbors, and your world suddenly becomes an untenable living hell.

In the new horror miniseries, The Neighbors, the latter is exactly what happens.

Written by Jude Ellison S. Doyle (Maw and the nonfiction books Trainwreck: The Women We Love to Hate, Mock and Fear…and Why, Dead Blondes and Bad Powers: Monstrosity, Patriarchy and the Fear of Female Power) and hauntingly illustrated with plenty of dark atmosphere by Italian illustrator Letizia Cadonici (House of Slaughter, Black Sun), The Neighbors is a five-issue miniseries published by Boom! Studios and is all about family and the horrific secrets that people and society keep buried just below the surface.  

In the terrifying story, Janet and Oliver Gowdie move to a quiet and quaint mountain town along with their daughter Casey and their younger two-year old, Isobel. The family quickly get caught up in horrors that reveal their new neighbors to be anything but what they seem – with the old (and altogether dark and witchy) Agnes Early taking an early and special interest in Isobel. “The people here make good neighbors. Remember that.” she threateningly tells Janet.

With neighbors like Agnes, it’s impossible to know who to trust…and who might even be human!

The Neighbors is a socially relevant, timely and haunting tale of identity and secrets with both familial and unneighborly ties. It’s bound to provide readers with entertaining frights and thought-provoking horrors that are not too far from our own day-to-day reality.  

Remember: nothing is as it seems in life! Make the run to your next-door comic book shop today and uncover who the inhabitants of your village really are with The Neighbors #1!

You can catch the creepy trailer for The Neighbors directly below:

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