Horror Lives In The Graveyard ‘Where Starships Go To Die #1’ On The Wednesday Run

We’ve got a space junk problem.

Well, if we don’t have one already, we soon will. All those satellites we send up into orbit around our planet in order to give 5G+ speeds on our mobile devices? Those far-reaching telescopes that peer into the depths of space searching for E.T. and the beginnings of time? Those space stations that circumnavigate the globe from the most beautiful vantage point imaginable?

Science, philosophy and the human spirit aside, these objects and tools eventually all outlive their usefulness, replaced with newer and better technology. So, what do you do with all the antiquated garbage encircling our beloved planet?

Dump it in a landfill as far away from humankind as possible, that’s what. Don’t tell Musk nor his Starlink (cough! Skynet) constellation program.

The furthest place away from humankind, still on earth, turns out to be a real location in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean called Point Nemo. And, despite its’ lonely isolation, it remains fertile ground for sci-fi horror storytelling…since it’s the place Where Starships Go To Die!

Where Starships Go To Die #1 written by Mark Sable and illustrated by Alberto Locatelli; published by Aftershock Comics.

Written by Mark Sable (Miskatonic, War On Terror: Godkillers) and atmospherically illustrated by Alberto Locatelli (The Believers, Cinque), the darkly brooding Where Starships Go To Die carries readers to the center of all-dread lying deep below the Pacific waves…all the way to Point Nemo! Although its namesake may be Jules Verne’s famous submarine commander, Captain Nemo, Point Nemo is unlike anything that fictitious character or his wonderous Nautilus creation has ever seen.

In real life, all space-faring nations dump their unessential technology at Point Nemo. Where Starships Go To Die mines that deep-fathomed remoteness for both heightened intrigue and horror!  

In a not-too-distant future where the earth has been ravaged by climate change, an astronaut and a shipping magnate seek out humanity’s first interstellar starship in order to salvage it. Amidst a graveyard of discarded technology and under the pressure of water, a claustrophobic environment and each other, the team finds a horror beyond all comprehension.

Steeped in real life locations and history while covering the genres of science fiction, conspiracy theory and horror, Where Starships Go To Die will make readers reevaluate the space race and what lies in wait for humankind, at home and beyond the stars!

If you’re a fan of classic genre films like The Abyss, Aliens and The Thing, make the run to your local comic book shop today and dive into the murky and altogether riveting depths of Where Starships Go To Die #1!

If you want to find out more about the real-world Point Nemo, enjoy this short video via the very entertaining Dark Space channel:

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