Team Up With Legends In ‘Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #1’ On The Wednesday Run

World’s Finest is one of the preeminent comic book titles in all comicdom publishing.

Publications under the World’s Finest or its original World’s Best Comics moniker go back over eight decades and the spring of 1941, released quarterly by DC Comics, then bi-monthly and then monthly over a span of 45+ years. True to the name on the cover, the comic books almost always featured the big DC Comics heroes of Superman, Batman and Robin with other stalwart or burgeoning heroes as guest stars.

With that kind of longevity and those showcased characters, World’s Finest was always a title that drew high expectations from readers. Kids, youth and adults all expected that the world’s greatest superheroes would meet their great villains and have their greatest adventures within the World’s Finest comic book pages – and that expectation is not diminished one bit in today’s comic book landscape.

If anything, expectations have grown.

So what does DC Comics do when they decide to start up a new World’s Finest comic? They tap one of the industry’s greatest writers on the shoulder to tackle those expectations head on in a brand-new Superman/Batman: World’s Finest ongoing monthly series!

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #1 written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Dan Mora; published by DC Comics.

Written by long-time fan and critical favourite Mark Waid (The Brave and the Bold, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Kingdome Come, 52, Irredeemable) and illustrated by the burgeoning and exciting artist, Dan Mora (Detective Comics, Future State: Dark Detective), Superman/Batman: World’s Finest #1 brings all the heightened action and most dastardly villains any comic book superhero fan could ever crave.

The first issue begins in the not-too-distant past where, after battling Poison Ivy in Metropolis alongside the Dynamic Duo, Superman is attacked by arch enemy Metallo, the man with the Kryptonite heart! Weakened and injected with red kryptonite which wreaks havoc with Superman’s powers, the Man of Steel can only turn to the Dark Knight for assistance, who in turn seeks the aid of the strange and wonderful Doom Patrol!

Superman/Batman: World’s Finest is a twenty-first century homage to the great, fun and thrilling stories of the silver age of superhero comic book storytelling. Waid has made a career of tapping into the lore and enjoyment of what’s gone before in order to tell new stories with new threats and new heroic deeds for thirsty readers of today. His amazing The Brave and the Bold run that began in 2007 with artist extraordinaire, George Perez, is a touchstone here.  Now, under another classic title, he’s joined by Dan Mora who brings all the thrills and menace you’d want in a tentpole comic book series.

And tentpole it is. Superman/Batman: World’s Finest promises to be the launching pad for the next set of big events across the DC Universe(s). What intrigue might Waid and Mora have up their sleeves?

Each monthly issue will reveal more and more of that larger plan! World’s Finest, indeed!

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and thrill at the fun and future world building threats found in Superman/Batman: World’s Finest #1!

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