Revealed Secrets Can Devastate In ‘Black Panther #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Wasn’t it just last week that we featured a book by the Academy Award Winning screenwriter, John Ridley?

Well, yes it was!

Let’s take a look at another book of his that should have all superhero fans frothing at their mouths with excitement, shall we?

This week sees the release of the long-awaited first issue of John Ridley’s (The Other History of the DC Universe, 12 Years A Slave, Let It Fall, American Crime) high octane superhero masterwork in Black Panther #1. The fan favourite and award-winning writer is joined on art duties by the skillful up-and-coming Marvel Stormbreaker, Juann Cabal (Guardians of the Galaxy).

Black Panther #1 written by John Ridley and illustrated by Juann Cabral; published by Marvel Comics.

It’s a powerful dynamic, to be sure. One that is matched by the intense leadership of King T’Challa and the love he has for his homeland of Wakanda.

But great leaders must also make difficult, sometimes terribly burdensome decisions. And these weights, when kept hidden for too long, seem to have a power to reveal themselves at the most inopportune of times.

Readers have always known T’Challa as a headstrong, proud, and worthy King. Secrets and furtive machinations are no stranger to him.

In the first issue of the new Black Panther monthly series, a Wakandan secret agent has an urgent message – and it’s a race against time to both save the agent and keep old secrets hidden. This story of espionage aims to upset everything T’Challa, the Black Panther, has lived and fought for. Once-buried secrets will have massive ramifications on the entirety of the Marvel Universe – let alone Wakanda and its King!

Discover the secret! Witness the aftermath! Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up Black Panther #1!

With the scintillating tag line of “The truth will be revealed. The nation will be devastated” you can watch a sneak peek trailer of Black Panther #1 right here!

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