31 Days Of Horror 2021 Presents The Wednesday Run: There’s No Business Like The Horror Business In “Just Beyond: Monstrosity”

So many of us grew up on author R. L. Stine’s horrifically delightful Fear Street series of books for teen audiences through the first half of the 1990’s.

Many more of us acquainted our deliciously terrified selves with his globally renown Goosebumps pre-teen tales of horror fiction through the rest of that decade and well into the next.

The rest of us, meanwhile, probably bought a few of those books for our mouth-wateringly frightened kids.

Ah, yes. The kid’s horror book! Who doesn’t love one? (Nobody.) And who isn’t familiar with R. L. Stein, the Stephen King of kiddie horror? (No one.)

With approximately 235 distinct publications, the chilling and, often, funny, Goosebumps series of books and spin off novels has sold over 400 million copies worldwide. And, similar to that threating assailant from the scary movies, in tense conversation with a young and beautiful protagonist on the telephone, there are really good odds that you have a copy of one of those books in your house. Right. Now.

Muah ha ha!      

R. L. Stine’s creative endeavours have made the leap from printed page to film and television on numerous occasions, but with his latest creation of fiction, Just Beyond, he’s gone back to the roots of his inspirations for the wicked and scary. At the same time, he traverses multiple pop culture mediums.

As always, somewhat inspired by the old Tales From The Crypt comic book series that Stine read as a youth, Just Beyond is an anthology series of original graphic novels where he is accompanied by a host of talented artists. To add extra spice, those tales are also being served up as episodic cinema on the Disney+ platform. Eight graphic novels, eight episodes. Although three of the graphic novel tales have already been released over the past few years, the perfectly times Disney+ Just Beyond series premiered just last week, on October 13.

Just Beyond: Monstrosity is the fourth and most recent graphic novel publication in the eight-book series. Wonderfully illustrated by Irene Flores, who incorporates plenty of blood curdling mood and strange angles that give readers a sense of unease in her panels and pages, Monstrosity is truly a wicked tale of cinema and Hollywood.

After having purchased an old Hollywood horror studio, Ruthie and Ezra see their happiest dream become their most terrifying nightmare as mysterious events unfurl and old horrors of the silver screen are unearthed! There’s blood on the reels and on the silver screen – hopefully not Ruthie or Ezra’s!  

Read the book and watch the series! Get scared out of your pajamas this Halloween and make the run to your local comic book shop or better bookstore and pick up R. L. Stine’s Just Beyond: Monstrosity today!

You can catch a sneak peak of Just Beyond: Monstrosity right here and you can also watch the trailer for the Disney+ program below.

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