31 Days of Horror 2021 Presents The Week in Horror: ‘The Munsters’, ‘The Last of Us’, ‘Day of the Dead’, + more!

Howdy horror fans! It’s officially Spook-tober-ween and Biff Bam Pop’s all decked out for the season with our annual 31 Days of Horror features. Jeff ‘X’ Martin did a run-in on the site with a feature on Bad Dreams (1988), Andy Burns mused on The Brotherhood of Satan (1971), and there’s a lot more to come. Until then, I’ve got a bit of news from the horror community to run down!

Rob Zombie’s been trickling out details about the production of his adaptation of The Munsters on the ‘gram, and this week he gave us a big reveal in the form of the completed, iconic 1313 Mockingbird Lane. Zombie’s production in Budapest seems to be going well, and we’ll have more news about it’s release as it arrives. Zombie’s clearly over the moon about the project and the care he’s taken to re-create the setting from the 1964 NBC sitcom shines through in his photos. The Munsters has seen a few reboot attempts over the years, but I’ve got a good feeling about this one.

For the kiddos out there (FYI, parents, if you’re letting your kiddos read this column I’m calling CAS) Peacock has a new series called Girl In The Woods which aims to (not literally) grab some of the Fear Street crowd from Netflix with a teen-focused horror series. Girl in the Woods is based on a CryptTV short film by Joey Greene called The Door in the Woods and is directed by Krysten Ritter and Jacob Chase, each tackling four episodes of the eight.

“Set in the Pacific Northwest, The Girl in the Woods follows Carrie’s escape from her mysterious, cult-like colony that guards the world from monsters hidden behind a secret door within the woods. ” Stefanie Scott, Misha Osherovich, Sofia Bryant, Will Yun Lee, Kylie Liya Page, Reed Diamond, and Leonard Roberts star in the series. All eight episodes will be released on Peacock on October 21. Check out the trailer!

In the ongoing and very complicated story of the rights to the original Friday the 13th film, between the film’s original director Sean Cunningham and writer Victor Miller, a judge has upheld the decision to grant the rights to the film to Miller after an appeal. I can’t begin to unpack this as well as The Hollywood Reporter has, but this isn’t necessarily a slam dunk to imply that more Jason films are forthcoming. Since we’re talking about the original Friday, which doesn’t feature the masked, machete’d Jason you know and love (that likeness pretty solidly belongs to Cunningham) it’s not clear if Miller will be able to do much with his winnings.

We got our first look at HBO’s The Last of Us series adaptation from the Naughty Dog twitter this week. The series is currently shooting up here in Alberta. Not much to see, except the striking similarity between this still and one from the iconic Playstation game.

That’s Bella Ramsay’s Ellie on the left and Pedro Pascal’s Joel on the right, looking remarkably like their digital counterparts. HBO’s The Last of Us is written by Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) and co-stars Anna Torv, Merle Dandrige, Nico Parker, Gabriel Luna, Murray Bartlett and Con O’Neill.

We have a brand new poster for the upcoming series adaptation of George Romero’s Day of the Dead for Syfy!

‘Day of the Dead’ poster, courtesy of “Ghoulish” Gary Pullin

As with The Munsters, we’ve seen more than a few versions of this story, but SyFy has brought in one of my favourite filmmakers and, in my opinion, Canadian hero Steven Kostanski (The Void, Manborg, Psycho Goreman) to direct four out of the ten episodes so I’m down for this. Day of the Dead debuts on SyFy on October 15.

Dread Central produced a special featurette on the making of 2021’s The Stand miniseries, called An Apocalyptic Epic for the Blu-ray and DVD release on October 5th from CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment. Consider it a companion piece to that book about it. You don’t have to wait to watch Dread Central’s feature though, here it is!

Finally, and speaking of posters, Halloween Kills has a new one ahead of the film’s long-awaited release in theatres and on Peacock on October 15. This one is pure heat, literally, and features our buddy Mike sporting one mean (and surprisingly clean!) blade.

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