Dive Deep Into The Mystery Of ‘Bermuda #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Is there a more famously mysterious place than the Bermuda Triangle?

It’s the location, seemingly, where the known world ends and human imagination and investigative speculation firmly takes over.

Whether it be the lost-at-sea USS Cyclops, carrying an experienced crew of 309 souls in 1918; or the inexplicable disappearance of Flight 19, those five US Navy Avenger torpedo bombers in 1945; or the countless strange lights that appear, hover, and then disappear over and under the Atlantic waters, the Bermuda Triangle holds a special, nervously exhilarating place, in our collective minds.

Could strange phenomena in that devil’s playground be caused by methane leaks deep under the ocean seabed? Is it higher levels of magnetism affecting compass instrumentation? The Triangle may be the epicenter for periodically abhorrent Gulf Stream weather. Could the mysteries be deduced as alien life, protecting their undersea base? Or, perhaps the blame can be given to the super-science and magic of ancient Atlantis that lies under those waves, its secrets meant to be permanently kept deep, down below.

Whatever the reasons that continues to fire human imagination, the Bermuda Triangle keeps its secrets close, where only the disappeared know the truth of it. And they aren’t talking.

Until today.

Bermuda #1 written by John Layman and illustrated by Nick Bradshaw; published by IDW Publishing.

Bermuda #1 is the first issue of a new, four issue miniseries, written by John Layman (Chew, Detective) and lavishly illustrated by Nick Bradshaw (Spider-Man, Wolverine). It pulls back the veil and shines a light on what is at the center of the Bermuda Triangle.

And it’s bigger and goes deeper than anything you can imagine!

Bermuda is an adventure series in the vein of the best pulp novels and films that span human culture. Its part Jonathan Swift, part Jules Vern, part Edgar Rice Burroughs, and all Ray Harryhausen, Indiana Jones and Lost. It tells the story of Bermuda, a scrappy teenage girl on an uncharted island, located in the middle of the enigmatic Bermuda Triangle.

And the island teems with life! Dangerous life that is! Dinosaurs live here, pirates, too, along with magicians of the dark arts, and the savage, lizard-riding Mers! Bermuda is on the run from all of them, using her wiles to survive. But now she has to contend with a castaway – a boy, mysteriously washed up on the island.

Bermuda #1 interior page.

Together, on a rescue mission, can they both survive this hostile place?

Scratch your adventurous itch. Find the answers to your burning questions. Make the run to your local comic book shop and pick up Bermuda #1 today!

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