We Can All Hear You Scream With ‘Alien #1’ On The Wednesday Run

In the world of pop culture, there are not many things as shockingly exciting as when Disney bought up 21st Century Fox a few years ago. Yes, that particular purchase got comic book fans salivating at the thought of an Avengers/X-Men boardroom merger that would breathe new life into the latter mutant’s floundering film franchise.

And we fans continue to chomp at that meaty, four-colour-on-screen bit. (You know it’s coming!)

But there were other, less obvious, pick-ups in that blockbuster merger and, in comic book circles, the first penny to drop was when Dark Horse Comics lost their long-time hold on publishing comic books featuring the Alien franchise.

Dark Horse had been successfully publishing Alien and Aliens comic book series since 1988 and, let’s face, released the one true sequel to everyone’s favourite film in the franchise where we learned the true fate of Ripley, Hicks ad Newt. But minds began to speculate on what publishing opportunities could be conceived with Alien, now firmly owned by the House of Mouse, and what could be brought to bare over at Marvel Comics.

Well, the wait is over.

Welcome to xenomorph horror, courtesy of Marvel Comics.

Alien #1 written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and illustrated by Salvador Larroca; published by Marvel Comics.

Alien #1 is the long-awaited, brand new comic book release of sci-fi horror stories. H.R. Giger’s iconic, monstrous vision, is front and center and, a-hem, bursting from the pages.  

This Alien is the story of Weyland-Yutani employee Gabriel Cruz, who barely escaped the nightmare of an alien attack. With the help of his best friend and counsellor, who happens to be a Bishop-model android, Cruz is set to retire back on earth in order to rebuild a relationship with his estranged son. Plagued by nightmares and an understanding of horror unlike any other, the dreaded and deadly creatures that pervades his dreams are closer than anyone thinks.

Marvel Comics seems to be bringing something new to the Aline franchise right off the hop. Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and horrifically illustrated by Salvador Larroca, Alien showcases a brand-new terror – an xenomorph Queen unlike readers and viewers have seen before. She is a presence form the shadows, using commands that can only lead to humanity’s doom.  

There’s horror here, for sure. But there’s also mystery. And Alien is both familiar to those who know the franchise and compelling in new ways, a promise of enjoyable, wet and ferocious terror to come.

Make the run to your local comic book shop and pick up Marvel Comics’ Alien #1 today! We’ll be able to hear you scream all the way to space!

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