Travel The Monstrous ‘Proctor Valley Road’ On The Wednesday Run

Oh, there’s enough real-life fear in our lives that we don’t need the frights our imagination can muster. Old, dilapidated houses down the corner of the street we live on. Dark and dank caves we stumble upon on our forest hikes. The creepy slime that seems to reach out for our legs in would-be serene lake swims.

And then there are the old, dusty roads that crisscross our country that people, and time, have forgotten. But memory hasn’t. In these places, memory is a warning, telling us not to tread here.

Proctor Valley Road #1 written by Grant Morrison and Alex Child; illustrated by Naomi Franquiz; published by Boom Studios.

Proctor Valley Road is one of these places. It exists in real life, hidden in the back corners of San  Diego County. And it has a long memory.

For centuries, strange and disturbing stores have emanated out of Proctor Valley Road. In the early twentieth century, cattle and small animals were found dead, mutilated in seemingly bizarre rituals. Children had gone missing, lost in the night, their tracks and whereabouts – abruptly vanished along the road. And those living near or walking the horrific path have turned toward abject madness.   

Memory is a warning! And Proctor Valley Road #1, the first issue in a new five-issue miniseries, aims to shine a flashlight on the dark warnings of an American gothic.

Written by larger than life Grant Morrison (Klaus, Green Lantern, Doom Patrol, Arkham Asylum) and television’s Alex Child (BBC’s Holtby City) and atmospherically illustrated by Naomi Franquiz (Tales of Harrow County), Proctor Valley Road is for lovers of horror and adventure and mystery.

This is the story of 1970’s era teenagers August, Rylee, Cora and Jennie who have innocently organized a “spook tour” of the infamous road in an effort to earn money for the concert of their dreams. What else is a teen to do? Armed with flashlights and a naïve bravery, their sightseeing expedition turns horrific. As they frantically search for missing schoolmates, hungry monsters roam Proctor Road and history, and memory, unleashes its secret blood lust.

You want creepy? Take a walk down Proctor Valley Road!

But first, make the run to your local comic book shop and pick up the first issue of the Proctor Valley Road miniseries. You’ve been warned!

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