Gilbert Speaks on Anthony Scott Burns’ ‘Come True’

Dreams are a way for your brain to rehash the day’s events…but sometimes dreams are a warning of things to come. In Come True we are pulled into Sarah’s dreams, and it is a frightening journey.


Come True is directed by Anthony Scott Burns and stars Julia Sarah Stone, Landon Liboiron, Carlee, Ryski, Christopher Heatherington and Tedra Rogers. In this horror/sci-fi drama we watch as eighteen-year-old High School student Sarah (Julia Sarah Stone), who has run away from home, is trying to find a safe place to sleep. We’re not sure what has happened between Sarah and her mother, but Sarah only returns to her home to shower and grab clean clothes for school after her mother leaves for work every day. Until Sarah’s friend, Zoe (Tedra Rogers) can get permission for Sarah to stay with her family…Sarah sleeps at the neighborhood playground.

The film, which is set in introductions: The Persona, The Anima & the Animus, The Shadow, The Self…gives us a glimpse into Sarah’s sleeping moments. Her nightmares are frightening and are always the same: tortured hanging bodies, dark caverns, doors, and shadow people morphing out of the dark sludge. There is one particularly scary shadow entity, called the Persona, that seems intent on hurting Sarah. Unable to sleep at night, Sarah is often teased at school for falling asleep during class. When the nightmares start appearing during her waking moments, Sarah decides to volunteer at a Sleep Clinic. She needs the money, and she’ll have a safe place to sleep.

The Experiment

Dr. Myer (Christopher Heatherington) oversees the Sleep Clinic. His right-hand assistant, Jeremy (Landon Liboiron) takes a special interest in the new test subject. There are four male subjects and two female subjects, but as the tests continue, people begin to drop out, or disappear. After Sarah is hooked up to the equipment, she falls asleep and has her usual nightmares.

What Sarah doesn’t realize is that Dr. Myer and his assistants, Jeremy and Anita (Carlee Ryski) can see the dreams of their test subjects. Not only that, but all their test subjects share the same nightmares. During the nightly testing, Sarah and Jeremy become close friends, and eventually lovers but things go quickly downhill when the Persona is able to enter into the waking world.


What you think of…thinks of you. What if our dreams are a way to connect to other dimensions? Do the monsters in our dreams…dream of us? Anthony Scott Burns has successfully, and cleverly pulled us into Sarah’s nightmare, but just when we think we know what is happening, Burns pulls the rug out from under our feet with an unexpected nightmarish ending.

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