The Week in Horror: Blood Quantum, The Conjuring 3, The Trees Have Eyes, Chucky

Happy Sund…er, Tuesday, fiends..!

Its been a week and this is the first time I’ve cracked open my laptop since last Tuesday. Crazy! I did manage to find time to finally watch Jeff Barnaby’s Blood Quantum on Shudder and damn, as zombie films go, it joins Train to Busan on that lonely plateau of great zombie films (that aren’t directed by George Romero). One criticism I heard about Blood Quantum from two different sources, was that the film has an amazing first half before just becoming another run of the mill zombie film. I couldn’t disagree more. The richness of the first half of the film maintains until the closing credits. This film has a wonderful cast, we see a lot of growth in the characters, the action is highly entertaining, the gore will either make you squirm or cheer, depending on what kind of gorehound you are (I cheered, haha), and the direction and set design are great!

Its time for another edition of DELAYED DUE TO CORONA…In today’s delayed film news, we have The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It. Pushed all the way back to June 21st. I get it. Safety first. I’m not going to a theatre any time soon, but why not release these films to VOD for $20, as they did with The Invisible Man and The Hunt. Did they not make money? Come on, studios, you can’t just sit on these films indefinitely, especially these shared universe films, like the DCEU and the MCU, because it’s just going to delay a ton of other films. I’m sure as hell not going to pay for a glut of theatre tickets in 2021 or 2022. It’s too expensive.

Another new zombie film coming soon is, The Trees Have Eyes, starring Tony Moran, who played the briefly unmasked Michael Myers in the original Halloween. Moran is part of a group of bounty hunters who are searching a New England forest in search of a fugitive but find themselves fighting for their lives against a horde of the undead. The trailer looks decent enough, nothing groundbreaking, but I’m willing to give it a chance. Check out the trailer.

This past week we finally got a teaser trailer for Don Mancini’s Syfy series Chucky, which continues the Child’s Play series from the end of Cult of Chucky. The series won’t premiere until 2021, but if Curse and Cult are an indication of where this series will go, I’m in! The Chucky saga hasn’t been the most consistent series in horror, but none of the sequels have flat out sucked.

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