‘Joker’ Laughs First Again, ‘Parasite’ Surprises in Limited Release

The controversial Joker hit the top of the box office charts for the second week, keeping both Gomez Addams and Will Smith at bay.

Joker pulled in an estimated $55 million, setting the record for the highest second weekend in October. That record was previously held by Gravity in 2013. The alternate take on the DC villain’s origin has now made $192.7 domestically in only ten days.

The Addams Family came in second with a little over $30 million, which is neither creepy nor kooky. Will Smith and Will Smith captured third with Gemini Man. Abominable, the Dreamworks animated film about the Yeti, was is in fourth place with $6.17 million. Rounding out the top five was Downton Abbey, with a respectable $4.9 million, although I’m sure that translates into another figure is you convert it to Euros.

The biggest surprise was the extremely limited release of Bong Hoon-jo’s Parasite, which racked up $376,624 in only three theaters. That bodes well for a wider release and early Academy Award contention. Sachin Hingoo says its the best movie he has seen all year.

Here’s how we predicted the weekend box office:

1) Joker – $45 million
2) The Addams Family – $27 million
3) Gemini Man – $22 million
4) Downton Abbey – $5.5 million
5) Hustlers – $5 million

And here’s what actually happened:

1) Joker – $55 million
2) The Addams Family – $30.29 million
3) Gemini Man – $20.5 million
4) Abominable – $6.17 million
5) Downton Abbey – $4.9 million

Two sequels enter the fray next week when Maleficent: Mistress of Evil takes on Zombieland: Double Tap in a battle for box office supremacy. Can either one of them take down Joker? I don’t know. I’m not some kind of time magician.

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