31 Days of Horror 2019 Presents The Week In Horror: RIP Robert Forster

On my way to bed this morning, around 2 am, I saw the news trending on Twitter that Robert Forster had died. He was one of those great actors who brought a natural charm and edge to his performances that seemed effortless. I’d compare him to Warren Oates or Tommy Lee Jones. My favorite of his many roles would have to be of Eddie Marino in William Lustig’s Vigilante. He played a wide variety of roles from his debut in 1967’s Reflections in a Golden Eye, but for us horror fans, he appeared in 1980’s Alligator, an episode of Tales From the Darkside, 1993’s Maniac Cop 3; Badge of Silence, 1995’s Scanner Cop II, 1996’s Uncle Sam, and 1998’s Psycho. He also worked with David Lynch in Mulholland Drive and Twin Peaks The Return. Rest easy, Mr. Forster.

Speaking of Maniac Cop, the talk of a Nicolas Winding Refn produced remake died down a couple of years ago, but now multiple sources are reporting that HBO has ordered a series based on the William Lustig/Larry Cohen classic. The 1988 urban slasher spawned two excellent and action-packed sequels. I have serious doubts about how closely Refn will adhere to the original story, but I don’t doubt it will be a fascinating ride.

Speaking of long-rumored projects, last we heard about an adaptation of David Cronenberg’s amazing novel Consumed, it had been picked up for series by AMC, which wasn’t news I wanted to hear, because there was no way AMC could properly present the sexually charged psychological/body horror of the book, but announced this week, Cronenberg will be writing and directing the series for Netflix! Check out this test trailer from 2014…

And we have a hat trick of special horror on the small screen with news of a series from Dario Argento called Longinus, his first project since 2012’s Dracula. The details of the series are vague. About all I see is his description that the series will be “suspended between the real and the supernatural.” Whatever, just gimme! If you’re unfamiliar with the Maestro’s work, check out this amazing montage.


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