The Week In Horror: Sharks, Worms, and Freudstein

The trailer for the sequel to 47 Meters Down: Uncaged, has arrived. Johannes Roberts returns to direct the follow up to 2017’s above-average shark attack flick starring Mandy Moore. This time around, we have a new group of teen girls, this time doing a dive in a sunken city before being besieged by sharks. It looks damn fun, maybe more so than the original (just comparing trailers).

The announcement has come down that Denis Villeneuve has wrapped principal photography on his adaptation of Dune. If Blade Runner 2049 hadn’t been such a beautifully perfect film, this would not be something I considered newsworthy. David Lynch’s stab at adapting the material is really my least favorite entry in his filmography. I would have much preferred getting Alejandro Jodorowsky’s weird beard vision instead. I’ll be damned if I’m not looking forward to what Villeneuve brings to the table. Last time I checked, nearly all of Hollywood was cast in the film? Something like that.

Blue Underground has announced that their next special edition 4K release following last year’s Zombie and Maniac, and this year’s New York Ripper and Two Evil Eyes, will be the last film in Lucio Fulci’s delirious Gates of Hell trilogy, House by the Cemetery. I’m ridiculously excited for this one. House is one of my favorite Fulci films and, while it has long been regarded as the weakest film in the trilogy, you can see its influence on filmmakers to this day. A great example is Ted Geogehan’s amazing and brutal We Are Still Here starring Barbara Crampton. Currently, Eibon Press/Fulci Comics are releasing a three-issue limited series, written by Stephan Romano with art by the legendary Vincent Locke (Deadworld, Sandman).

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