Revisit The New Wave In ‘Marilyn Manor #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Marilyn Manor is set in the 1980’s – a brilliant time period to not only reflect on what’s come before, but also as a backdrop to think about where we are today.

But before that thought process begins, where were you in the 1980’s?

For me, Duran Duran’s Seven and the Ragged Tiger was constantly being flipped from “Side A” to “Side B” on my blaster, wearing out that cassette tape like no other musical recording before or since. Well, “since” has some long-lasting connotations, easily derailed by the fact that I moved on to compact discs later that same decade.

Miami Vice had me wearing white pants, a pink tank top, and a blue linen sports jacket with rolled up sleeves.

G.I. Joe was the best cartoon ever, but He-Man ran much more lifelike than any of those soldiers.

The words: “Tear down this wall”, I think, may have prognosticated a distinctly North American twenty-first century dilemma.

Embroiled in mergers and acquisitions and killing, the yuppie-cultured Patrick Batman was apparently running around, preaching the qualities of the colour “bone”.

And we all saw that a finely flicked whip could best a man with a gun. But only if you were wearing a brown fedora.

So, what were you doing?

In Marilyn Manor #1, the US President’s spoiled daughter does what any spoiled daughter of a US President would do: she throws a rager of a 80’s party – and mayhem ensues!

Marilyn Manor, #1, Written By Magdalene Visaggio, Illustrated By Marley Zarcone, Published By IDW PublishingMarilyn Manor #1

Written By: Magdalene Visaggio

Illustrated By: Marley Zarcone and Irma Kniivila

Published By: IDW Publishing


Marilyn Manor is a four-issue miniseries from writer Magdalene Visaggio (Eternity Girl, Kim And Kim) and artist Marley Zarcone (Shade, The Changing Girl) and Irma Knivila (out of RAID Studio), who both, it must be said, capture the look and feel of the early 1980’s to a “T”.  Look at the cover of the first issue. If that’s not a Duran Duran record sleeve, than “save a prayer” for me as I may be in need of a “new religion”.

OK, beloved 80’s LP’s aside, Marilyn Manor is a fantastic romp across the early years of that decade, seen through the eyes of a well-to-do brat, in the house of all-things-powerful.

The President’s daughter and her best friend Abe (possessed by the spirit of Lincoln) throw the biggest party that 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has ever witnessed! In attendance are, among others, long-dead historical figures flirting with government secrets, rock ‘n’ roll séances, time-bending mystical romps, and each other.

It’s sex, drugs, music, MTV and all that great pop culture that only the 1980’s can provide.

Marilyn Manor is one of the craziest romps you’ll have read this side of the now defunct Vertigo Comics, whose mantra and story-telling joie de vivre is still alive and thriving with other publishers. Like IDW Publishing.

Make the run to your local comic book store today and pick up the best reminiscence of the 1980’s you could ask for in 2019: Marilyn Manor #1!

You can catch a preview of the first issue right here.

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