365 Days In One Felonious Group Hug For ‘DCs Year Of The Villain #1’ On The Wednesday Run

DC’s Year of the Villain #1, a one-shot comic book priced to sell at only 25-cents! Sounds like the antithesis of grand larceny to me!

But then, that’s kind of the point.

In a broad sense, the comic book publishing world is made up of books that feature heroes and antiheroes battling characters that are bad – or, at least, worse than the protagonist.

But what about those bad guys? They have stories, too. They have interesting lives and experiences and…machinations.

And that’s what DC’s Year of the Villain is all about. Machinations.

Villainous machinations that will reverberate through the rest of DC’s comic books (featuring heroes and antiheroes) for the rest of 2019. And DC’s Year of the Villain #1 is where it all starts!

DCs Year of the Villain #1, DC Comics, Brian Michael Bendis, Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, comic book, Alex Maleev, Jim Cheung, Francis ManupulDC’s Year of the Villain #1

Written By: Various

Illustrated By: Various

Published By: DC Comics


Superstar writers Brian Michael Bendis, Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV weave multiple stories and villains together in DC’s Year of the Villain #1. They’re joined by equally superstar illustrators in Jim Cheung, Alex Maleev, and Francis Manupul to tell those tales.

At its core, DC’s Year of the Villain centers around Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom.

Lex, being Lex, has a plan…and an offer to DC’s stable of villains. This story showcases the background to that offer, focusing on the criminal organization of Leviathan (fresh from the pages of Batman), the nightmare creation called The Batman Who Laughs (from the recent Metal series). But make no mistake – Luthor’s offer is open to all the world’s villains. And it will set them all on a direct collision course with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the DC Universe heroes!

The story-line will develop further this summer and before you know it, all of DC’s comic books will be participating in the “Year of the Villain” plot thread in very distinct and personal ways.

DC’s Year of the Villain#1 is the artistic road map that will see readers through to a treacherous and monstrous destination!

Who can say “no” to a group of compelling villains?

Who can say “no” to throw-back, cross-company, cross-publication plot threads?

Who can say “no” to a 25-cent comic book?

Not I. And certainly not you.

Make the dastardly run to your local comic book publisher and pick up DC’s Year of the Villain#1 and get in on the story-line that will deliciously (and villainously) consume the rest of your 2019 comic book reading enjoyment!

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