Heroes & Villains Delves Deep Into Avengers: Endgame (Spoilers)

So…how about that Avengers: Endgame? 

I had honestly intended to write about some new comics this week but life, uh, finds a way to get in the way of that. I also hadn’t factored in the necessary unpacking time I would need to deal with a comic book movie of this magnitude. The arrival of this movie was akin to an extinction-level event on my social media feeds, the movie being an asteroid and the plume of ash that resulted being the various hot takes and memes. The sun has been blotted out and the only thing we’re collectively able to talk about now is Endgame. 

The thing I want to get away from a quickly as possible is the historic box office take the movie had. I really hate that a dollar amount is being used interchangeably with a movie’s worth as a piece of entertainment. A lot of people saw Avatar a decade ago and then…well, when was the last time you thought about that movie before reading that last sentence? 

Now that I can properly extol the virtues of the movie independently of the dollar amount it made, I’m comfortable in writing that it is the most comic book-y movie that eve comic booked. I also feel like this movie really was the endgame, insomuch that everything was resolved well enough to my liking that there doesn’t need to be any more Marvel movies. I mean, there will be and I most definitely will see them. But for now, there’s a very definitive end to a story twenty-two movies in the making and as a fan I was completely satisfied. 


While it’s almost statistically impossible that whoever is reading this hasn’t seen the movie nearly a week after release, I still wanted to put a spoiler disclaimer here to preserve the mystery of the movie for you statistical anomalies. I don’t know how you’ve done it, but mad respect to you.

Mercifully, I managed to make it to my screening without having anything spoiled for me. There was some delightful jokester exiting the theater as I was walking in who saw fit to yell out “SNAPE KILLED HAN SOLO!” What a card! The theater staff was adamant that there were NO post credits scenes attached to this movie, and after the ending we got there really didn’t need to be.

Tony Stark fulfilled his character arc (reactor) and sacrificed himself for the greater good. Steve Rogers went back in time, married the love of his life, and aged into Joe Biden. Black Widow finally got that red out of her ledger, and Marvel confirmed what I knew all along, that they had B-roll footage of Natalie Portman sleeping. 

Listen, if Bohemian Rhapsody can win an Oscar for Best Editing, then Avengers Endgame is a shoe-in for next year. The final battle of the movie was technically impressive in that they managed to get all the characters on screen at the same time and still have it make some semblance of sense to the audience. Admittedly, I was as enraptured with the sequence as the rest of the audience and the threat that I would leave my corporeal body behind and ascend to a higher plane of nerd existence was a very real one…so I apologize if I viewed it with less than a critical eye. 

Like I mentioned above, I was completely satisfied with how things ended. We don’t need there to be any more Cap or Iron Man movies for the foreseeable future. To bring back Chris Evans or RDJ in five years would just seem cheap and gimmicky. What more can they possibly do that they haven’t already? I rewatched some Marvel movies in the lead up to Endgame and afterwards I was impressed at how when viewed as a whole, it was just that…a whole story. 

I’m not the world’s biggest Thor fan, next to Ant-Man those movies were always the biggest Marvel challenge for me, but what they did in Endgame with him was fascinating (for a superhero movie). He got maybe a good ten minutes of traditional brooding hero stuff before descending into depression and hitting the bottle pretty hard. Thor was very much NOT OKAY for the bulk of the movie and I was surprised they let him be part of the time heist that was supposed to fix everything. For now, I’m legitimately looking forward to Thor 4 (Th4r?) or Asgardians of the Galaxy or whatever comes next.

Aside from being completely pleased with the movie, I did have a few lingering questions…Did Peter Quill drop in on his Earth family while he was back? It would be kind of rude not to. Loki is still out there doing stuff now, right? Did Cap and Peggy have a Cap Jr. or Peggy Jr.? Both? Did all of Peter Parker’s close friends and relatives get snapped so Spider-Man: Far From Home can act like nothing happened? Is Peter still 15 or is he technically 20? Are we going to get a Morgan Stark: Iron Woman movie in about a decade? Is Earth environmentally in a better place now that 3.5 billion people weren’t around for five years? Does Hawkeye’s wife like his sick tattoo sleeve? 

Hopefully, all these questions AND MORE will be answered in Marvel’s Phase 4 and by the Disney+ shows!

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