Be Seen Reading ‘Invisible Kingdom #1’ On The Wednesday Run

When it comes to this week’s release of Invisible Kingdom #1, it looks like Bif Bam Pop! comic book aficionado, E.A. Henson, and I are truly simpatico.

E.A. wrote a glowing piece about the new book in today’s Heroes & Villains column, his weekly look at all things great in sequential art, and pop culture miscellany. You can check out that entry right here.

Science fiction, used as a backdrop for telling great human stories, is a hallmark of Berger Books, an imprint of Dark Horse Comics. And Invisible Kingdom is no different.

What’s different is the human story.

Invisible Kingdom, G. Willow Wilson, Christian Ward, Dark Horse Comics, Berger Books, science fiction, sci fi, comic books, miniseriesInvisible Kingdom #1

Written By: G. Willow Wilson

Illustrated By: Christian Ward

Published By: Berger Books/Dark Horse Comics


Of course, we’ve mentioned titles from the Berger Books line of comics in this column before. We follow the line with a very interested and focused eye. You just need to click here and you’ll see what we mean.

Like those other Berger Books, Invisible Kingdom uses the sci-fi genre as merely the framework to an entirely original and fascinating take on a very real human drama – one that is relevant to our twenty-first century experiences.

Written by acclaimed Hugo Award-winning writer, G. Willow Wilson (Wonder Woman, Ms. Marvel), and both futuristically and breathtakingly illustrated by Christian Ward (Black Bolt ODY-C), Invisible Kingdom is a story that blends the opposing natures of corporate politics and religion. And it puts the individual squarely at the center of that conflict.  It’s the story of two unlikely women from distinctly different poles: a freighter pilot and a religious acolyte who stumble across a conspiracy that would threaten the long held status quo of the entire world.

It’s a compelling thought – and a riveting one as well!

Invisible Kingdom is a creator-owned miniseries that helps to kick start the second phase of Berger Book titles after the big time success of all that came in 2018.

Be seen making the Wednesday run to your local comic book shop – and pick up the very sci-fi but still very real Invisible Kingdom #1. You’ll be in for a thought-provoking and entertaining treat.

You can find a preview of Invisible Kingdom #1 right here.

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