The Week In Horror: ‘Harpoon,’ ‘Morbius,’ Barker, Cronenberg, and… Bill Maher?


Welcome back, fiends, to The Week In Horror! I’m feeling a little irritated right this second, because I just finished listening to the latest clip of Bill Maher shitting on adult comic book fans. 1) Why can’t people just be allowed to like things without smug, self-important people making fun of them? 2) Who the fuck still cares what Bill Maher has to say? He’s about as interesting and relevant as Dennis Miller, which is to say, ya know, not in either case. He’s basically a phony shock artist like Alex Jones, just saying mean shit to stir up a smarter-than-thou base, who have nothing to look forward to in life except looking down on people they consider less than themselves. Well, you know what? Life sucks and life is hard. Even when we have victories, there are people suffering all around us and we have to get up and go to work, and care for our loved ones, and take care of responsibilities, regardless of being tired, or sick. And more often than not, things aren’t working out. There’s rarely enough money, every year you get older, you’ve got more health concerns before you, and hell, you might get hit by a truck on your way to grab a coffee. So is denouncing the act of reading a comic book really a worthy hill to die on? Does it really need a monologue? Sitting down with a comic book at the end of a long, stressful, and shitty day is a nice way to decompress. There’s no shame in reading comics, regardless of how old you are, and we have the numbers on our side. Look at the box office for Avengers and Aquaman. I didn’t even know Maher still had a show. I don’t think anyone should only read comics or only see superhero movies, come on, variety is the spice of life! Read some Hubert Selby, Tricia Warden, or Gabino Iglesias. Watch a Cassavettes film or Wim Wenders. Double feature The Killing of a Chinese Bookie and Wings of Desire! My point is, fuck people like Bill Maher. All that guy can do is sit on a pedestal and piss on the rabble and he’s got Ann Coulter there to shake him off when he’s done. Enjoy life as often as you can and ignore cheap shot motherfuckers, because they’re a dime a dozen and no one will remember them.

Yellow Veil Pictures has released the poster for their upcoming horror comedy Harpoon, by Christopher Shy, who painted that wonderful poster for Mandy. Directed by Rob Grant (Mon Ami), Harpoon is described as “one part post-modern Edgar Allan Poe adaptation, one part Knife In The Water with the cast of SeinfeldHarpoon is a wickedly humorous and bloody deconstruction of friendship and love.” The film just had its premier at the Rotterdam Film Festival, but no official release date has been given.


Sony has set a release date for the Jared Leto led Morbius for July 2020. Being set in Sony’s Spider-Man-less dark Spider-Man universe, following last year’s better than expected VenomMorbius is the story of Michael Morbius, a scientist who accidentally turns himself into a “living vampire.” Morbius has been both a villain and a hero through the decades and even appeared on the classic 1990’s animated Spider-Man cartoon. If you’re like, who the hell is Morbius, here’s a video from Gamespot Universe to catch you up…

Clive Barker has told Bloody Disgusting that a Books of Blood TV series is in the works, which will also feature new stories from Barker. He also stated that the long rumored Nightbreed series is assembling its team. Feel free to squee with joy!

Speaking of Cronenberg related projects, Weird Books currently has an open submission call for their new anthology The New Flesh: A Literary Tribute to David Cronenberg.  Weird Books just released their punks vs zombies anthology, Zombie Punks Fuck Off, as well as Hybrid Moments; A Literary Tribute to the Misfits. I’ve interacted with Weird Books’ Sam Richards online recently and he’s a really cool, fun person. I’ll be submitting something!

– Submissions close March 31st 2019
– Submissions should be sent to:
– More details are HERE at Horror Tree
It’s like Brian O’Blivion said: “Television is reality, and reality is less than television.” Then again, this is a book, so you can make your own judgment call on that.

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