A Jumping On Point For Teenage Angst & Love In ‘Archie #700’ On The Wednesday Run

High schooler Archie Andrews might be 77 years old, but his age hasn’t put a damper on his popularity with kids, teens and adults alike!

True, Archie made his debut within the pages of Pep Comics #22 in December 1941, but his current long-running monthly series has been around for nearly six decades and today celebrates its 700th issue! It’s one of the sequentially longest running comic book titles around!

That’s longevity!

That’s popularity!

That’s resonance!

Archie 700 Nick Spencer Marguerite Sauvage Jack Morelli Archie Comics comic booksArchie #700

Written By: Nick Spencer

Illustrated By: Marguerite Sauvage and Jack Morelli

Published By: Archie Comics


One of the hallmarks of Archie and the Archie series of comic book titles is the ongoing teen soap opera that is the main characters love life. Really, it’s something that every one, of every age, can relate to.

Over the years, writers and artists and editors of the series have had Archie waffle, choose, switch, lean and pick (or been picked) between numerous girlfriend contenders. Of course, there’s the mainstay pals, Betty and Veronica. But there’s also been a litany of other interests including Cheryl Blossom and Valerie Brown.

Yes. There’s been a lot.

But each of them has been able to tell their own stories within the overarching Archie title, ensuring that the series stays relevant for audiences of any and every era.

Archie #700 is no different.

What’s different is the year we’re in, the kind of pop culture tropes you’re bound to find in #700’s pages, and the artist and writer team.

It’s a brand new era for Archie and new ongoing writer Nick Spencer (Morning Glories, The Amazing Spider-Man, Secret Avengers, Captain America: Sam Wilson) and illustrator, Marguerite Sauvage (Faith, Bombshells, Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman) bring a new love to the world of Archie. Along with all the other things, of course, that comes with being a teenager at Riverdale High.

Make the Wednesday run to your local comic book shop and b=pick up the anniversary issue of one of pop culture’s most famous teens in Archie #700!

It’s the perfect starting off point for new stories featuring beloved characters!

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