No One Is Safe In The Trust Tree Of ‘Heroes In Crisis #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Heroes in crisis in DC Comics.

Yes, there is a long, storied history of crisis-level events in the pages of DC’s monthly comic book titles. From the ground-breaking (and to my mind, the example to which all other crossover comic book series’ must be compared to) Crisis On Infinite Earths in 1985 to Infinite Crisis in 2005 to Final Crisis in 2008, the “Crisis Trilogy” has become some of the best large-scale, cross-title, epic-scope, superhero comics to have ever been published.

These series’ have sought to entertain readers, fix ages old continuity and set the groundwork for stores to come, all in a limited, often summertime event, publication. To varying degrees, they’ve succeeded in all these things.

But the one aspect of story that has been distinctly lacking has been the effect that world-spanning, larger than life, death-defying heroics, have had on the heroes themselves. First responders, soldiers in wartime, and even individuals in stressful, out of the ordinary situations often experience post-traumatic stress disorder and must find ways to deal with repercussions for the rest of their lives.

What then, of our fictional heroes?

Heroes In Crisis #1, Tom King, Clay Mann, DC Comics, comic books Heroes In Crisis #1
Written By: Tom King
Illustrated By: Clay Mann
Published By: DC Comics

With a life-shattering event like the previously mentioned Crisis On Infinite Earths, an event that saw entire universes perish at the hands of an all-powerful enemy, the surviving heroes would be forever changed – even if they had conveniently “forgotten” that the event took place. This memory lapse would be “remembered” in future iterations of the trilogy, of course, and you’d think that major protagonists would need to unwind, debrief, and even uncork their emotions in their after-event distress.

But that story – how heroes care for heroes in need – has never been told.

Until now.

Under the pen and pencil of fan-favourites, writer Tom King (Batman, Mister Miracle, Vision, Sheriff of Baghdad), and illustrator Clay Man (Batman, Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life And Death, Trinity), the seven issue monthly series, Heroes In Crisis tells the story of superheroes and their stay at Sanctuary.

Sanctuary is an idyllic and secretive hospital servicing superheroes in need. It was created by Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman and is full of modern tech and sophistication and all the help that a trauma-filled, emotionally distressed hero would need.

But when dead bodies of fan-favourite heroes turn up inside the refuge, a murder mystery begins to unfold, involving the entire DC Universe!

No one is safe in this trust tree!

Follow the clues, prime suspects and an intricate plot-line that likes of which you’ve never read before in comics! Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up Heroes in Crisis #1!

You can read a sneak preview of Heroes In Crisis #1 right here!

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