BBP! Fan Expo Canada 2018 Guide – Day 3 (Saturday)

Saturday is, without a doubt, always the busiest day of Fan Expo Canada 2018.

Fan Expo CanadaNo matter the time you arrive: first thing in the morning or shortly before close, you’ll be shoulder to shoulder with what will seem like every pop culture enthusiast in North America and abroad. It’s a crazy day – but it’s a day of supreme excitement!

There’s an atmosphere of absolute wonder that surrounds Saturday, chiefly because of all the people that take their time to create costumes of their favourite superheroes, anime characters and film and television protagonists, and then get dressed up and parade through the convention building ready and willing to take a photograph with you!

So make sure your phone is fully charged! That’s a best practice tip for Saturday. That and make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes. And that you practice “serenity now” meditation. Patience is a virtue, after all.

Be sure to visit vendors like #Hasbro who have loads of cool toys on display and the #Blizzard booth where you can catch all of the coolest video games. Our friends at DK Publishing have a fantastic table full of great hardcover and softcover books for all ages! Artist Alley, of course, waits for you and your wallet – there’s so much talent there this year, it’s incredible!

And go check out the amazing Dragonball-Z booth at the far end of the con floor. It’s mammoth. And historic. And artistic. And totally worth your time!

Here’s where you can find your floorplan.

Today’s Schedule of Cool Things:

10:00 AM – D&D Adventurers League Events (Room 703)

This is going on all day long…and maybe a little longer! The Forgotten Realms is my fave role-playign game, and that’s what this group has got going on. Join in, make friends, slay Dark Elves!

11:00 AM – The legendary William Shatner Live On Stage (Room 106)

You. Can’t. Miss. This. Epic. Chat. With. Canada’s. Biggest. Star. Of. Star Trek fame!

12:00 PM – A Page A Day: How To Draw Faster, Better And Smarter (Room 716B)

If you’re already a working artist or, perhaps, a burgeoning one, it’s always nice to discover tricks of the trade that could help with your endeavours. This seminar is the perfect place to get those tips!

12.00 PM – All-Star Voice Actor Reading Of Back To The Future By Twisted Toons (Room 106)

Back To The Future is one of the main theme draws at this year’s Fan Expo Canada. And wouldn’t it be absolutely perfect to sit back with a cold drink and listen in on a reading of the original script from some of today’s top voice actors? Yes it would!

1.00 PM – DK Publishing Presents World Premiere Launch With Author Adam Bray (Room 715B)

DK Publishing has got so many great books on offer that it’s tough to even begin listing them. At this panel, there’s premiering one of their hottest and most eagerly anticipated: The Marvel Studios Visual Dictionary with author Adam Bray!

6:00 PM – Creator Spotlight On John Byrne (Room 716B)

John Byrne is an iconic creator in the world of comic book publishing. From Fantastic Four to Man of Steel, and everything in-between, the man has done it all. Chris Ryall (ex of IDW Publishing and now with Skybound) is the perfect choice of moderator! If you’re a comic book fan, this is where you need to be today.

7:30 PM – Pandemic Survival (Room 718A)

In another world, I work In the health industry. So, boy do I love playing a globe-trotting epidemiologist, telling the president what to do (in my own head, of course), and saving the world from immanent monkey-poop derived bacterial death! This is a fun game – and you’ll have fun playing it!

Fan Expo Canada 2018 Cosplay Dance Party9.00 PM – Epic Cosplay Dance Party

All the heroes. All the anime. All the Doctor Who. All the Star Wars. All the Star Trek. All the cosplay. All of it is here! This event is happening offsite at Remix Lounge (1305 Dundas St. West) on Friday, August 31.

Follow us through #FXC18 at: @JPFallavollita and @BiffBamPop and be sure to follow the convention at: @FANEXPOCANADA and #FXC18. To be completely in the loop and to get a heads up on photo ops tickets and times and to scour this year’s exclusive comics and toys and collectibles, etc., visit:

Fan Expo Canada 2018 is located at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Thursday August 30 through Sunday, September 2. Convention hours are:

Thursday: 4 PM – 9 PM

Friday: 10 AM – 7 PM

Saturday: 10 AM – 7 PM 

Sunday: 10 AM – 5 PM

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